210° Kitchen + Drinkery in BGC provides a global dining experience like no other

From French to Fusion

210° Kitchen + Drinkery was opened by Michelin-starred French chef William Mahi in January 2017. Now based in Shanghai, the former Chef de Cuisine of Spondi Restaurant in Athens has left the helm to his former sous-chef Chef Josiah Alexis Sanga.

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210° gets its name from the perfect roasting temperature. These days, it could also symbolize the kitchen’s more than 180° turnaround from upscale French cuisine.

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Since Chef Mahi’s departure, the menu has been completely revamped. This was a decision made by the owners in order to play to the strengths of their new head chef who cut his professional teeth at the twice-Michelin starred restaurant Florilège in Tokyo.

Fun Fact: Florilège was recently ranked the 3rd Best Restaurant in Asia.

Chef Josiah’s time in Japan has proven to be influential to his cooking— each dish he has developed is a showcase of local and Asian ingredients prepared with French techniques. The result is a much more approachable, global dining experience.

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Insider Tip: While modern, the restaurant does not have wi-fi. Diners are encouraged to take a step back from their screens, socialize, and enjoy the food.

The only remnants of Chef Mahi’s menu are the restaurant’s signature dishes: 210° Roast Pork Belly and 210° Roast Chicken. The chicken takes around 45 minutes to serve but as they say, good things come to those who wait— it comes with foie gras, truffle jus, freshly shaved truffle, and crunchy potatoes!

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Chef Josiah’s new menu is pretty concise. It’s easy to see how his travels inspired him to come up with his own brand of contemporary fusion. The dish he is most proud of is his beef tartare

Wagyu Beef Tartare

Unlike your typical tartare, it’s served over a pimiento emulsion and sushi rice that’s been crusted with sesame then deep fried. Theatrical plating gives this simple dish some added drama.


Davao-sourced Burrata, burnt Sorrento Lemon and Orange marmalade, housemade ciabatta. They sprinkle a “dust” made from dried citrus zest which is first candied, then pulverized.

Fun Fact: Everything in 210° Kitchen is made from scratch, including their breads and pastas!
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Kale Salad

Chef Josiah’s take on Caesar salad subs romaine lettuce for bitter kale. The distinct flavor of the leafy vegetable is balanced by a creamy parmesan and lemon dressing, housemade sourdough croutons, granny smith apple, and green chili. 

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Fluffy potato gnocchi is served with a velvety pumpkin sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and three kinds of cheese: parmesan bits and a mousse made from ricotta, feta, and cream.

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Slow Cooked Salmon

Chef Sanga reimagines Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso. The miso-calamansi broth is served on the side, allowing the fish to retain its crispy skin. It’s a dish with various textures lent by the cherry tomatoes, silky tofu, and crunchy rice dusted with basil powder.

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Short Rib

While both of the restaurant’s signature roast dishes are must-tries, the short rib is actually their bestseller. The meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. It’s served with burnt pickled shallots and the most unbelievable potato puree. Good for sharing!

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While Chef Josiah’s dishes are definitely inspired, the flavors are still familiar in a bid to awaken one’s taste memory. This is most evident in their desserts which are especially comforting. One bite will surely make anyone feel young again.

Creme Brûlée

The custard base is made with spiced pumpkin is topped with a house-made cookie crumb that tastes a bit like Lotus Biscoff cookies from your childhood. A spoon of pomegranate sorbet adds a hint of tartness to balance the flavors.

Ice Cream Sundae

This grown-up sundae is so good, you will not want to share it. It’s got a few of scoops of salted caramel ice cream, popcorn, and decadent chocolate fudge.

Don’t forget to head upstairs to the bar area for a round of bespoke cocktails. The space is completely different from the dining area downstairs. It feels like a typical New York apartment with its red brick walls and eclectic mix of throw pillows; but look closely, behind the bookshelf hides a secret room for private dining! Call them ahead to reserve the room for intimate gatherings.

210° Kitchen + Drinkery is a welcome addition to Icon Plaza’s impressive roster of restaurants which includes Mecha Uma and Mendokoro Ramenba. When you book a table here with Booky, not only will you enjoy ₱500 off your bill, you will also get free dessert on us. The catch? You have to answer a quick feedback form first! Show it to the staff at the end of your meal to claim your sweet treat.

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(0995) 015-2192

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