23 Beautiful Salads That Will Make You Want to Go Vegetarian

It’s raining salads!

Salads. Some people love them, some people hate them. After going through this, you might find yourself falling in the former. Feast your eyes on these beauties straight from Mother Earth!

Lettuce start with something simple.

Photo from Booky

Salads can be berry good for you, you know.

Photo from @stephbills

Here’s an asparagus tip for you:

Photo from @sherry.coolidge

I have bean dreaming of this one!

Photo from @prettysalads_recipes

You’re kale-ing me with this one!

Photo from @prettysalads_recipes

 Orange you drooling over this fruity number?

Photo from @sweetsbydonna

A bouquet of yum!

Photo from @pinchofgourmet

I’m gonna cashew… I’m gonna cashew

Photo from @perfumeandtable

Olive you so much it hurts.

Photo from @peachy.foods

There’s a fairy just waiting to pop out of this one.

Photo from @marjoriealbay

This guy’s one in a melon!

Photo from @marjoriealbay

Flowers and veggies, they make a perfect pear.

Photo from @makittchen

Delicious from head tomato!

Photo from @lionofflorence

Why didn’t the shrimp share his salad?

Because he’s shellfish.

Photo from @krissyssweettreats

There is mushroom is my heart for you, salad.

Photo from @khatrinutrition

You drive me caprese!

Photo from @incitadinda

Just look at them little cute-cumbers!

Photo from @khatrinutrition

Packed and ready to go!

Photo from @farmtomarketproduce

Doesn’t this make you want to avo-cuddle right into the bowl?

Photo from @doreenwoo

Salad or art?

Photo from @culinary.butterfly

Farm to table goodness!

Photo from @indie__anna


Photo from @foodiecrush

Nothing will beet this one.

Photo from @crystalskinsecret

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