Booky 101: How to Submit & Update Restaurant Information on the App

If you’re a food lover, this guide will help you cement your place in Booky’s hall of fame. If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, this guide will help your restaurant look great in the eyes of food lovers.

Booky is an app for food lovers, it’s the fastest way to find the contact details, location and menu of a restaurant without having to go online. But it’s also an app for big/small restaurants, cafes, dessert shops and hole in the walls to increase their visibility and make it really easy for food lovers to find them. Currently, we have a total of more than 12,000 restaurants in our database that encompasses the greater Metro Manila area, Tagaytay, Baguio and other nearby cities.

Our job is not to just list down restaurants but to provide correct and up to date information to our users. Apart from the team’s collective efforts in updating the database, we rely heavily on reports sent to us by you, the restaurant owners and managers, and our users.

So here are ways to submit new restaurants or update the current information on the app, but first and foremost, download the Booky app.


#1 Can’t Find a Restaurant? Tell us.

Whether you’re on soft opening or just about to open, there are a number of ways you can be added to the database.

First, check if you’re already part of the list. Go to the ‘Restaurants’ tab and type in the name of the restaurant on the search bar.


If your search results show nothing, then simply click on the ‘Can’t find a restaurant? Tap here to tell us” message and it should direct you to this page:


Fill out the form and click done, after which you should be expecting an e-mail from requesting for more specific contact details, menus and operating hours. If you do not get any e-mail, please re-submit again.


#2 Report Incorrect Information



If your restaurant is already in the database and information is incomplete or incorrect, you can report it to us by ticking one of the items below.


Tap ‘Next’ and it should lead you to this page.


#3 This is My Restaurant

Another option would be to claim the restaurant as your own by tapping on the ‘This is My Restaurant’ button, which should redirect you to your e-mail app:



A complete restaurant page would look something like this,

Document3 copy


#4 E-mail us directly

If you are more of an e-mail user, then this should be easy. Simply e-mail all your restaurant information to, including the menu and other pertinent information such as Facebook, Instagram and a short description of what it is you’re about. Again, you will receive a response from our team.


Note that new restaurants are featured on our weekly reports on the blog, on Instagram and in the app. Please send us any reports of new or soon to open restaurants and we will say thanks to you on the blog!


That wasn’t so hard, was it? Thank you for using Booky, rest assured, we are continuously listening to your feedback and striving to improve the app to fit everyone’s needs and wants. If you have any app-related concerns and development suggestions, you may send feedback through the app or send an e-mail to


Oh, but it’s free.giphy-1