Botejyu, the pioneer of Japanese okonomiyaki opens in Mall of Asia

From Osaka, Japan.


Botejyu is a premier specialty restaurant from Japan and is the renowned pioneer of the okonomiyaki. Thanks to Viva International Food & Restaurants, Inc. (same group behind the Paper Moon Cafe franchise) this popular restaurant from the “gourmet city” of Tamade, Osaka is now in the Philippines.

The restaurant chain has been around for almost 70 years and has over 100 branches in Japan alone. International locations include Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Fun fact: “Botejyu” represents the sounds you hear when cooking okonomiyaki. "Bote” is the sound of okonomiyaki being flipped and “jyu” is the sound of sizzle on hot teppan tables.

Botejyu is also known as the innovator of the Okosoba (also known as “modernyaki”) which combines okonomiyaki and yakisoba noodles. Botejyu prides itself as the first in Japan to mix their secret white mayonnaise with their okonomiyaki.

You can order your okonomiyaki or your “okosoba” in different flavors like mixed seafood, pork, and beef with negi (spring onion). Their noodles are matured over time to bring out the elasticity and the smooth texture.

Premium Moonlight Yakisoba
Fun fact: Did you know that the practice of making okonomiyaki was first introduced after World War II?

Who said carbonara is only available at Italian restaurants? Botejyu serves a special Carbonara Yakiudon so you can complete your comfort food cravings.

Carbonara Yakiudon
Carbonara Yakiudon

Their takoyaki is a must try for first-timers. Its made with Botejyu’s special sauce, diced octopus, and their original flour-based batter. You can go for the classic or the Takoyaki All-Star, which has 6 variants including Umami Sauce & Mayo, Sauce & Mayo, Tomato Sauce, Spicy Mentai Mayo, Thick Spicy Sauce and Salt Garlic Sauce.

Fun fact: Their special sauces are preservative-free and contains no oil.
The Takoyaki All-Star

Aside from their teppan dishes, Botejyu also serves a variety of other comfort favorites from different regions in Japan like karaage from Oita and chicken paitan ramen from Kyoto. A visit to this restaurant is like taking a food trip across the different cities of Japan.

Paitan Ramen with Char-siu Pork

Their Japanese-style Beef Curry Udon is also a specialty dish you shouldn’t miss. The curry is not overpowering and can be enjoyed thoroughly with the generous servings of udon and sliced beef.

Beef Curry Udon

If you’re visiting for some premium meats, you’d be delighted to know that their yakiniku choices include wagyu kalbi and prime skirt cuts. One of their bestsellers is the Amiyaki pork rice bowls from Hokkaido.

Amiyaki Pork Rice Bowl
Booky Tip: You can upgrade your orders to a set meal that includes rice, kimchi, and a bowl of Hyogo Awaji Onion soup for only P90.

Cap off with one of Botejyu’s signature and most uniquely surprising dishes, the Mentaiko and Potato Mochiyaki. Get a scrumptious combination of mochi and crispy potato strings flavored with Hakata spicy cod roe and Gouda Cheese.

Mentaiko & Potato Mochiyaki

Be one of the firsts to try one of Japan’s oldest and pioneer okonomiyaki restaurant chains. Experience Japan and all of its cities through its dishes. Botejyu has them all. Don’t forget to tag @bookyapp in your food photos on Instagram and show us your favorite dishes!

Insider tip: Botejyu is set to open their second branch in SM Megamall soon.

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G/F North Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay (near IMAX)
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