10 Food Trends to Watch Out for in Manila This 2017

Your cheat sheet for 2017.

We capped off last year with the best food trends that made 2016 the best year in food. In this post, we share with you some of our predictions on what’s going to make headlines (and Instagram posts!) in 2017 so you can start on those food bucket lists early.

1. Healthy Eats

Watching what you eat is definitely here to takeover the food scene. We can tell that this is not just a fad because a number of healthy desserts and snacks are now more commercially available to promote healthy snacking. Organic packed snacks, smoothie bowls, fat-free yogurt, meal plans, and more avocado-infused dishes are a few examples for this category.

Smoothie bowls, Chia bowls

Where to get it: Bliss Bowls (full feature here), Wildflour Café + Bakery
Photo from Booky
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Photo from @wildflourmanila

Healthy frozen yogurt

Where to get it: llaollao (full feature here), BLK 513
Photo from @llaollaophilippines
Photo from @kristaltavarra

Meal plans

View the top meal plan delivery services here.

Photo from @frencheskafarr

Avocado dishes

Where to get it: Green Pastures
Photo from @greenpasturesph

2. Quick Lunch Meals

Grabbing “a bite to go” is definitely an essential part of everyone’s daily grind. It’s a no brainer that these small kiosks are serving quality and affordable meals packaged in such a way that you can eat it in your car! Some popular choices include crunch Vietnamese banhmi and the ultimate comfort food: sushi. Interestingly, a unique noodle in a box concept also made headlines with its “portable” dan dan noodles.

Banh mi sandwiches

Where to get it: Banh Mi Kitchen (full feature here), Bon Banhmi
Photo from @banhmikitchen
Photo from @giamendoza

Takeout sushi

Where to get it: Sushi Nori, Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand (full feature here)
Photo from @miggycruz
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Photo from @cheesethin

Noodles in a box

Where to get it: Pappare (full feature here)
Photo from @nics.cady

3. Asian Cuisines

2017 may just finally be the year for our local specialties. Ube-infused dishes are now a common sight at popular restaurants  in New York and California so it’s not a surprise that these purple treats are here to stay. Another predicted headliner is one of the healthiest cuisines in Asia which is Vietnamese food.

Filipino food

Where to get it: 7107 Culture + Cuisine (full feature here)
Photo from @7107restaurant

Vietnamese food

Where to get it: Tra Vinh (full feature here), Annam Noodle Bar by NamNam Singapore (full feature here)
Photo from @thehungrychef
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Photo from @thehungrychef

4. Instagram-worthy food

The days of the OOTD posts are over (thank God!) because almost everyone’s grid is filled with gorgeous desserts, yolk porn, and beautiful cheese dishes. We don’t see this trend slowing down this 2017 so you’ll still have to deal with those sudden food cravings while scrolling through your phone at night.

Where to get it: Lost Bread HQ (full feature here), Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant
Photo from @dharylb
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Photo from @foodchingeats

5. Premium Meats

There’s a new breed of meat lovers in Manila hence the sudden boom of smoked rib joints and affordable steak places at key locations in the city. More people are definitely learning the art of a perfectly cooked steak and fall off the bone ribs so we expect more restaurants to up their protein game this year.

Slow-cooked BBQ

Where to get it: Fat Daddy's SmokehouseSmokin' Pig Legendary Rib Joint, Mighty Quinn's (full feature here)
Photo from @fatdaddyssmokehouse
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Photo from @smokinpigph

Affordable quality steaks

Where to get it: Sear Steak Scullery (full feature here)
Photo from @misshy76
Photo from @misshy76
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6. Street food

There’s something about eating outdoors that gives certain dishes that plus factor. The great thing about this food trend is more small local business are joining forces to build these awesome food parks that serve the most unique plates in the metro. Taco places are also gaining a steady following for after office grub and drinks so you can expect more places serving this Mexican favorite on their menus.

Food parks

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Photo from Booky


Where to get it: La Chinesca, Lo de Alberto
Photo from @lachinesca
Photo from @lodealberto

7. Third wave coffee

Good coffee has somewhat become the norm for the local food scene. More coffee addicts now prefer small and homegrown cafes or fusion coffee shops that serve unique concoctions like nitrogen coffee and strong blends like cold brew bottles.

Nitro coffee

Where to get it: Nitro7 Coffee and Tea Bar, Mentoré Coffee + Bar by UCC
Photo from @alexshebar
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Cold brew coffee

Where to get it: Yardstick Coffee
Photo from @yardstickcoffee

8. Brunch dates

“Brunching” is the perfect term for tita dates or just that perfect in-between for breakfast lovers and non-morning persons. Who can resist a plateful of eggs, bacon, and that occasional mimosa?

Where to get it: Single Origin (full feature here)
Photo from @josephofren
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Photo from @starvingsnowbear
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9. International Franchises

Manila is definitely the place to be when it comes to the variety of international restaurants in the area. The adventurous palate of the Filipino foodie surely attracted more foreign franchises to open in the city.

Soon to open: Roll'd from Australia, Sarabeth's from NY (full feature here), Gen Korean BBQ from LA (full feature here)
Photo from @monchan_tcs
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Photo from @genkoreanbbq

10. DIY concept restaurants

Making diners feel like a kid again definitely has a certain appeal for some foodies. Hence, more restaurants are offering DIY dishes that showcase your inner cooking skills ala Cooking Mama style.

Where to get it: DIY okonomiyaki at Dohtonbori (full feature here), DIY takoyaki at Kenshin (full feature here)
Photo from @aileenkingang
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Photo from @dongyangtoyo
Photo from @dongyangtoyo

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