Hamaru, a secret Japanese restaurant hidden in a food park!

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When you hear food park, you probably think of multiple stalls under one roof. However, this food park in Quezon City houses not only stalls, but also a secret stand-alone Japanese restaurant tucked in the back.

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Hamaru Yakitori and Sushi is a hidden 2-floor, 60-seater restaurant in The Food Hive, Quezon City that offers a modern and sustainable take on Japanese food and drinks.

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Fun Fact: "Hamaru" loosely translates to "to get addicted to" or to "go crazy over something" in Japanese. The owners chose this word to signify they serve "crazy, good food".

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Photo from Booky

This restaurant was born out of the owners’ need for a place that has good ambiance plus serves great drinks and food. They even consulted with Chef Niño Laus of Ninyo Fusion to produce their unique best-sellers that you just have to try. So let’s get right to them!


Black Sakura
Chicharon bulaklak + wasabi

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Insider tip: You can buy 1 Black Sakura and get the next one for free until the end of May!

Niño’s Chicken Poppers

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Black Oyster Tempura

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Oyster Motoyaki
Chili-garlic mayo + cauliflower puree

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Fun fact: They support sustainability by reducing their waste every day. For example, they make furikake (a dry Japanese seasoning) out of their surplus rice and even pickle their excess vegetables.

Yakitori and Kushiyaki

Tsukune Shiso
Chicken meatball + fried chicken skin

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U.S. Beef Intestine

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Pork belly + sweet potato puree

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Special Sushi + Rolls

Hamaru Soft Shell Crab Roll
Deep fried soft shell crab + aligue mayo

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Tofu Pocket
Tuna + fermented pako + abura-age (thin deep-fried tofu)

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Inari Gunkan Maki
Uni + Japanese oyster

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Insider tip: The restaurant even has an 8-course degustation menu available every day that comes with desserts and even a 5-sake flight!

New-Style Sashimi & Grains

Shake New-Style Sashimi (Salmon)
Instead of torching sashimi to cook it, they pour hot oil over it.

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Salmon Chahan
Salmon Japanese fried rice + aligue

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After trying all those dishes, make sure you quench your thirst with these refreshments.

Honey + Lime Highball

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Insider tip: If you want to learn more about Japanese whisky, coffee, or sake, you can sit by the bar and the bartender will be happy to help you out!

Tanka – 5 Sake Tasting Flight

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You can also get a Haiku, their 3 whisky tasting flight if whisky is your preference.

Insider tip: Every day from 3-7 pm is Happy Hour on selected drinks that include Sapporo beer, highballs, chuhai, and some cocktails.

If it’s time to complete the rest of your meal, try one of their desserts!

Tofu Cheesecake

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Insider tip: Answer the feedback form on our app and you can get a FREE dessert! What's even better is you can choose which dessert you get.

If you’re a vegan but want to try this restaurant, no problem! There are vegan options available. Just make sure to call in advance so they can prepare everything accordingly. Hamaru is also available for catering and even has customizable food packages. Did we also mention that the restaurant has Wi-Fi AND outlets? Bingo!

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The Food Hive Food Park, #80 Visayas Ave, Vasra, Quezon City
(0917) 105-5832

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