8 More Things to Be Excited About IKEA Philippines including their Swedish Meatballs!

Get to know one of the biggest brands in the world.

It has been years since news broke out about IKEA coming to the Philippines. While the majority of all titos and titas can’t wait to get their hands on affordable and chic furniture from the Swedish giant, us foodies are more excited about their Swedish meatballs and all the other good stuff they serve at the IKEA restaurant.

Here are a few things you need to know about IKEA first, starting with its founder and name.

Quick facts about IKEA

First and foremost, it is pronounced as “ee-key-ah” in Sweden.

IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad; it started as a mail-order business before it became the giant ready-to-assemble furniture store that it is now.

Ingvar Kamprad | Photo from YFS Magazine

IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad (founder), Elmtaryd (where Kamprad grew up), and Agunnaryd (Kamprad’s hometown). Its iconic blue and yellow colors are taken from Sweden’s national colors.

Photo from African Markets

An average IKEA store is about 30,000 sqm. The first IKEA store, is located in Älmhult, Sweden, and has been turned into the IKEA Museum just last June 2016. The biggest branch to date is also in Sweden (Stockholm) recorded at 680,000 sq ft.

Photo from Reflections Enroute

IKEA’s founder is dyslexic, which is why each piece of furniture is named after proper words, not numbers. Living room items are often named after places in Sweden, bathroom furnishings are named after rivers and lakes. The company’s most popular product is the Billy bookshelf.

Photo from @ikeausa

As of March 2016, there are already 384 IKEA stores in 48 countries with several locations in Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada and the Caribbean with branches all over Asia including Australia, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Now on to the more exciting stuff, the FOOD. Sweden is known for many things but their love for good food is something that Filipinos can relate to. That’s why most of IKEA’s stores have an in-house restaurant that sells a variety of freshly cooked meals and even desserts.

Check out some of their bestsellers.

Swedish Meatballs

A Swedish meatball is called Köttbullar and IKEA’s version of it is as famous as the actual store itself. It’s probably one of the top 3 reasons people actually go to IKEA stores for; they are cheap, easy to eat and delicious! It’s usually served with a side of steamed vegetables, the traditional lingonberry sauce and potatoes.

Photo from @mikahara_87

In some locations like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the potatoes have been replaced with French fries, while some serve mashed potatoes. Canada, among others, started offering vegetarian meatballs in 2015.

Photo from @squarepad

$1 hotdogs

The hotdogs are on everyone’s must eat list at IKEA for being super cheap. Let’s hope we can get them for P50 here!

Photo from @joycekaneat

Marinated Smoked Salmon (Gravad Lax) Plates

IKEA’s Gravad Lax consists of marinated smoked salmon, dilled honey mustard, a dash of lemon juice and side salad. Salmon is one of Sweden’s favorite dishes.

Photo from @jakinng

Chicken Wings

The fried chicken wings are one of the staple bites at IKEA. Meanwhile in HK, they serve chicken legs.

Photo from @s4m_ev3
Photo from @hkfoodiemary

IKEA Soft Serve

IKEA shoppers are quite addicted to their soft serve ice cream. A soft-serve vendo machine pulls out a cone and do the swirling when you insert tokens.

Photo from @weelisoh
Photo from @weelisoh
Photo from @yooniyunsb

Almond Chocolate Butterscotch Cake

IKEA serves a lot of cakes and pastries but this piece right here is definitely at the top of everyone’s favorite IKEA food list.

My first time eating in ikea

IKEA also offers other plates and dishes depending on which store you’re visiting. We hope we get a special uniquely Filipino dish on their menu!

Candy heaven

Swedes are big on sweets as well! That’s why IKEA has a Candy Corner called “lösgodis” where you can buy Swedish candy by the pound. Make sure to make this your last stop if you’re with kids!

Fun fact: Sweden eats the most loose candy per capita in the world, according to this site.
Photo from @marcosora


IKEA has their own line of beers! Choose from a variety of brews ranging from lager beer to dark ales.

Photo from @weekend_beers

According to a Facebook note from Philippine STAR, IKEA Philippines is set to open its first store in Mall of Asia, in between the SMX Convention Center and the Area, and another one beside SM Fairview! We are beyond excited for the limitless possibilities ahead of us.

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