Jack’s Joint x Hobing: UNLIMITED kebab, shawarma, pizza, and bingsu right in QC!

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There’s nothing quite like a good kebab to warm the soul.

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Jack’s Joint is a local Mediterranean restaurant serving affordable kebabs, shawarmas, and pizzas. Hobing Bingsu is a well known dessert cafe that specialized in Korean shaved ice desserts topped with fresh fruit, ice cream, and other sweet toppings. Jack’s Joint x Hobing Bingsu is the mad restaurant that put the two together in one spot.

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Inside the humble restaurant-dessert duo located in Banawe is a straightforward interior with  industrial themed tables and chairs and cement floors.

No, you don’t need to sit on one side of the restaurant if you only intend on ordering either kebabs or bingsu. You can cross order from both places which is a plus in itself, really.

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To eat you’ll find no frills Mediterranean food—hummus, kofte, moussaka—with plenty of it to go around. Jack’s Joint has a simple menu with a lot of room for customizing the type of meat you want be it chicken, beef, lamb, or a combination.

Ox Brain

Seasoned ox brain, served with tomatoes, onions and garlic sauce

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Shaved meat served with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and special sauce

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Whether or not you go for the unlimited option, Jack’s Joint x Hobing is definitely a value for money place to grab a bite; full meals cost under P200, drinks under P85, and bingsu that can beshared for as low as P175.

Chicken Pirzola

A marinated then grilled chicken chop served with veggies and buttered rice

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Fun Fact: Pirzola is Turkish for 'chop' so you might also find lamb (kuzu), beef (sığır eti), or chicken (tavuk) pirzolas in Mediterranean restaurants.

Special Kebab

A combination of beef and chicken kebab served with a side salad and buttered rice

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Banawe is known as a food haven in Quezon City, but Jack’s Joint x Hobing hopes to get a drinking crowd there as well. They serve a wide range of drinks including beers, cocktails, and mixers as well as non-alcoholic yogurt shakes and fruit juices for the day.

Blue Buffalo Pizza

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The Hobing side offers classic bingsu flavors like Berry Berry Cheese, Choco Brownie, Matcha, Mango, Injeolm (a variety of ttoek or rice cake), Caramel Coffee, and Milk Red Bean to name a few.

Choco Cookie Bingsu

Chocolate shaved ice topped with chocolate cookies, crumbs, and chocolate ice cream

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Mango Cheese Bingsu

Milk shaved ice topped with mango slices, cheesecake pieces, almonds, and mango sauce

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Fine, not everything. But definitely a lot. While the joint franchise concept may come off as strange, it works out for the hungry folks out there with bottomless stomachs. For just P499, you can get unlimited kebabs, shawarma, and pizza which includes buttered rice, veggies, and iced tea from Jack’s Joint; Hobing, on the other hand, offers unlimited bingsu for just P299!

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2/F Banawe Lifestyle Center, 86 Banawe St, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
(0917) 505-5828

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