Must Try: Jin Joo Korean Grill’s Cheese-Wrapped BBQ Ribs


Jin Joo Korean Grill – SM Aura

Jin Joo Korean Grill is a Korean restaurant that’s ready to bring something fresh to the table.

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The pastel industrial design is befitting of the young foodies looking for a unique Korean experience in Manila.

Fun fact: The interiors are done by Space Encounters, a modern interior and branding company.
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Each table is equipped with grills and smoke diffusers.

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Get ready for a mix of the classics and a whole new set of fresh innovative Korean dishes.

Jin Joo 8 Flavors

Eight colors and flavors of samgyeopsal: Honey Garlic, Wine, Curry, Herb Soybean, Red Pepper, Nutty, Smokey BBQ. Jin Joo only uses naturally-derived food coloring for their marinades.

Photo from Jin Joo

Ojingeo Bokkeum

Squid two ways, seasonal vegetables, Korean spicy BBQ sauce

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Buddae Jiggae

Ramen noodles, SPAM, andouille sausage, trumpet mushrooms, spicy broth

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Galbi Jim

Slow-cooked braised beef short ribs, potato wedges, carrots and mushrooms

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But really, the highlight and best food find at Jin Joo is the Cheese Dung Galbi, which is most probably inspired by the popular James Cheese & Back Ribs in Seoul, South Korea.

Cheese Dung Galbi

Fall-off-the-bone BBQ baby back ribs with mozzarella cheese, corn, and steamed egg

Photo from Jin Joo
Photo from @catherine_mashiro

After Kko Kko’s Chicken Cheese Fondue last year, here comes this year’s best food find, and January has just begun. What an exciting year ahead of us.

Jin Joo Korean Grill is already on soft opening and is located at the Sky Garden in SM Aura. Be the first ones to try it!

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5/F Sky Garden, SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig


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