Kko Kko serves Korean dishes that you’ve never seen before!

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Korean food has a special place in our hearts; from Korean barbecue, bibimbap, bingsu, to that dangerously red kimchi that we’ve come to know and love – we just can’t get enough! Dozens of K-restaurants have popped up in the Philippines over the last few years, but none quite like Kko Kko.

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Kko Kko, known across the Metro for their Chicken Cheese Fondue, recently opened a branch in Market Market! Tucked neatly by the McKinley Parkway roundabout, this modern Korean chicken house uses traditional and contemporary recipes from owner Grace Lee and her mom.

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The interiors are a modern mix of cabin-esque wood, cool light fixtures, and greenery plastered all over the walls, similar to what you’d find at Kko Kko’s other locations. The Market Market! branch also has a 14-seater function room for your private pigging out.

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Insider tip: This branch also has an in-house comfort room and free wifi!
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While Kko Kko won’t be pulling the Chicken Cheese Fondue from the menu anytime soon, they also have a bounty of other Korean dishes worth sinking your chopsticks into.

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Fried Korean dumplings

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Boneless chicken thigh tossed in Yang Nyum sauce of your choosing and topped with shredded leeks

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Fun Fact: The name Kko Kko is based on the sound the chicken makes!


Korean lunchbox served with sweet dilis, cooked kimchi, and egg

Choose from 5 different flavors: Galbi Jim (beef rib stew), Dakdori Tang (spicy chicken stew), Daeji Bulgogi (pan fried spicy marinated pork), Beef Bulgogi (pan fried marinated beef), or Samgyupsal BBQ (barbecue pork belly tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce)

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Step 1: You won’t be able to help it so go ahead and take a few bites of your Korean lunchbox (to make some space).
Step 2: Put the lid back on.
Step 3: Shake it!

Fun Fact: Shaking the Dosirak box was inspired by school children's lunchboxes in their backpacks and how their food would dislodge and get shaken up because of all the running!
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Korean ramen, tteok (rice cakes), odeng (Korean fish cake), white onions, cabbage and topped with cheese simmered in a spicy soup cooked on the table

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Rabokki Upgrade

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After you’ve slurped up your rabokki, you can upgrade and revive your “tira” to a rabokki fried rice. The upgrade comes with Korean rice, spicy Korean ham, sesame oil, and nori strips. They fry the rice in front of you or you can opt to mix it up yourself. This one’s worth it, trust us!

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Insider tip: You can also add cheese to your Rabokki Upgrade!

Yakult Soju Ice

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Fun Fact: All Kko Kko branches serve icy refreshers like Soju Ice and Snow Bingsu but they all started here at Market! Market!

Melon Soju Ice

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Salted Caramel Soju Ice

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Kko Kko also has a fridge full of Korean drinks and sodas like coco juice, carbonated milk (think yakult soda!), and cinnamon soda. You can also get draft beer, unique to the Market! Market! and Saphire Bloc branches.

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So the next time you have a craving for Korean food and want to try something unique—whether it’s shaking a dosirak, a rabokki upgrade, or the chicken cheese fondue—Kko Kko quite literally has it all.

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G/F Market! Market!, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (in between North Park and Mercury Drug)
(02) 845-3788

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