Osaka’s famous Kushikatsu Daruma is opening in BGC soon!

Here’s another Japanese specialty you can try soon!

From Osaka to Manila, here comes another Japanese dining destination every one will love–Kushikatsu Daruma. All thanks to the Tasteless Group (same team behind Hole in the Wall, Le Petit Souffle, Wrong Ramen, etc.), Manila foodies will get a taste of yet another homegrown must try Osaka food.

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What is kushikatsu? 

Kushikatsu is a specialty most popular in Shinsekai, Osaka–they are deep fried golden katsu sticks made with a light batter and dipped in special sauce.

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One of the most notable chains for kushikatsu in the area is Kushikatsu Daruma, which opened in 1929. You can’t miss their big popular mascot, Mr Ueyama, who is actually the company president.

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There are about 40 different types of kushikatsu (meat, seafood, vegetables, cheese and more), which you can order a la carte or per set, which averages ¥1,800 – 2,000 for a dozen or so sticks and a side.

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Some branches offer the “kaiten” experience, where orders are delivered via conveyor belts.

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Fun Fact: The difference between tempura and kushikatsu is the batter. The batter in tempura uses a water, flour and egg base, however with kushikatasu, breadcrumbs are added and deep fried.

Each table is set with a container for its equally famous light tonkotsu sauce. There are three “secret” components: the batter, oil and sauce. There’s also a bamboo stand to place your finished sticks.

There’s only one rule:
NO double dipping!

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What better to accompany these golden snacks than with fresh Japanese draft beer? Prices are a bit steep in Japan at ¥420 for a small glass, but it’s part of the whole experience.

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We can’t wait for Kushikatsu Daruma to open at
Uptown Mall in BGC this weekend (March 25)!

Here’s a sneak peek from partner, Charlie Paw @charliepaw on Instagram:

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Photo from @charliepaw
Photo from @charliepaw
Photo from @charliepaw
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Opening soon!
Uptown Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig