20 Photos of Lechon that’ll Make the Cholesterol Worth It

Mmm… pork.

Lechon. It’s tied in to some of our fondest memories of family reunions, Christmas parties, and growing up. Even if we know it’s not exactly a health food, lechon is good for us anyway. Good for the soul.

WARNING: These photos have contain pork and have fatty content. It is advised to have your doctor on speed dial.

Let’s get something straight. Lechon is everything.

Photo from @thispattycake

Whether it’s a belly roll…

Photo from @larry_toby

Or livin’ dat extra rice life…

Photo from @nhenglovesfood

With it’s OTP…

Photo from @geraldlabrador
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Or just being the strong, independent lechon it is.

Photo from @calvingodfrey


Photo from Booky

It should be an art form, really.

Photo from @lorenzyatco

You can adorn lechon with all the fixings.

Photo from @kathrinaong27
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But it’s natural state has it’s own kind of beauty too.

Photo from @trixiakit

You can take things slow and have a bite-sized piece.

Photo from @grace_yek

Based on capacity, actual size of bite may vary.

Photo from @kcpanga

“Not too much. It will clog your arteries,” said people who know nothing.

Photo from @iamrowry

Boy, I wish my arteries were made of the stuff!

Photo from @nonieatsmanila

The meat… the pillowy taba, and good lord, the skin…

Photo from @jcmcwater
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But fine, let’s have some vegetables “to balance things out.”

Photo from @lengskididoodles

SIKE! #lechonandonandon

Photo from @thebrownmonkey100

Lechon for daaaays

Photo from @wumeister

Seriously though, this deserves to be our national dish.

Photo from @pogz88

Lechon is the hero we deserve.

Photo from @nanamaldita

I think I’ve made my point. #lechoniseverything

Photo from @bambiflava

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