Negative Space Cafe is home to the cutest Akita in Maginhawa

You’ll be welcomed by their in-house pet!

Negative Space Cafe – Maginhawa

Negative Space Cafe is an art cafe that serves hot plates, quality coffee concoctions, and craft beers. It’s also a space for local artists who specialize in drawing, painting, and silk screen printing.

The cafe itself is an artsy and minimalist nook that’s perfect for drafting sessions and lunch dates. They also have lightbox tables and free art materials available for customers who want to draw and unwind with their perfect cup of joe.

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Insider tip: They regularly host art workshops and art demos inside the cafe.
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Choose from several coffee techniques at Negative Space including the syphone method, pour-over drip, and cold brew coffee. Non coffee options like their matcha-based drinks are also available.

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Food options include rice bowls, onigiri sets, and other Asian-inspired dishes.

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The best thing about this cafe is that it is a pet-friendly restaurant that’s home to the cutest Akita you’ve ever seen.

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This cute dog even has its own Instagram account!

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Visit their store located at the 2nd floor of 80 Maginhawa Street in Quezon City to get a glimpse of this adorable dog named Akatsuki. Bring in your furry friends because all pets of shapes and sizes are welcome in Negative Space.

No reservations accepted
View their Instagram account
2/F 80 Maginhawa St. Quezon City
(02) 950 6571
Store hours: Monday-Sunday 12 PM – 10 PM