New Kid on the Block: Happy Hour Manila at City Golf Plaza

…where every hour is happy hour.


Happy Hour Manila

By definition, happy hour is a ‘period of the day when drinks are sold at reduced prices in a bar or restaurant’. So why isn’t every hour happy hour? Well, four brave souls (owners Carl Ventura, Larrissa Ong, Melissa Tan and Kevin Te) dared to swim against the current by making every hour happy hour. 


Happy Hour Manila is the newest cocktail bar and lounge to open at the City Golf Plaza in Pasig.

From outside, the place seems like a window from a red light district, but don’t be intimidated because it’s actually warm and homey once you step inside. The place can comfortably accommodate around 30 people, including the extended area in the balcony. Tip: Be there early to snag the coveted lounge below the red lighted signage; it’s the most Instagrammed spot at Happy Hour.



The Happy Hour menu is straightforward and simple but are the perfect pairings to the cocktails that are concocted by their head mixologist/co-owner Carl Ventura. Check out some of the items we tried:

Happy Hour Manila
Huevos Breakfast Platter – shoestring potatoes, chorizo, egg, aioli
Happy Hour Manila
Katsudon – deep fried pork, egg, Japanese rice
Happy Hour Manila
Kani Tempura – deep fried crabstick
Happy Hour Manila
Spam Musubi – grilled spam, nori, Japanese rice, Japanese mayonnaise


The definite star dishes we’d recommend you to try on your first visit are the Huevos Breakfast Platter and Spam Musubi.


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 3.16.50 PM

For the cocktails, here’s an insider tip from the owners: the cocktail menu is listed and ranked from lightest (For Liu) down to the strongest (Sayonara), so pace yourselves and plan your orders. Don’t be afraid to ask any of the owners or their staff about the drinks, they’re friendly.

Happy Hour Manila
Snow White – coconut, vanilla vodka
Happy Hour Manila
Beary Sour Whiskey – bourbon, lemon, egg white, gummy bears
Happy Hour Manila
Booze Almighty – beer, tamarind, brandy
Happy Hour Manila
Dirty Pop – gin, apricot brandy, lemon
Happy Hour Manila
Call Me New Fashioned – Snickers infused bourbon, frangelico, bitters
Happy Hour Manila
King’s Cup – bourbon, vanilla vodka, cointreau, amaretto, bitters
Happy Hour Manila
Sayonara – sake, soju, umeshu, gin


Their bestselling cocktail is the Beary Sour Whiskey, it’s light and sour and fun. On the other hand, the Call Me New Fashioned is a unique experience, the snickers-infused bourbon leaves a sweet note to the mouth. If you’re a hard drinker looking for a kick in the head, we recommend you go for King’s Cup or go all the way with Sayonara. But you don’t have to take our word for it, it’s always best to try new places out for yourselves.

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