Nikkei is on a Roll with ₱99 Sushi Rolls and Unlimited Beer

Nikkei is on a roll!

Nikkei is Manila’s first ever Japanese-Peruvian sushi bar and restaurant serving curated specialties like ceviche, sushi, causa, tiraditos, and Japanese craft spirits. Refreshing and new to the palate, Nikkei boldly marries the finest Eastern and Western cuisines together. Read their full feature here.

Photo from Nikkei | Tuna Latke
“Nikkei” is a term that describes Peruvian cuisine culturally inspired by the Japanese who started to migrate to Peru in the 19th century
Photo from Nikkei | Fideo Saltado (Peruvian Pasta)

With three branches going strong in Rockwell, Rada St., and The Podium, Nikkei will introduce you to a different take on Japanese and Latin American flavors.

Photo from Nikkei
Photo from Nikkei | Buta Buns

To kickstart the summer, they’re rolling out some special promos! The next time you order Nikkei’s bestsellers like Seared Tuna with Uni Risotto, Wagyu Tataki, and Ceviche, get yourself some sushi rolls to go with your meal!


From May 21 to June 21, 2018, you can enjoy ₱99 SUSHI ROLLS when you book a table through Booky! This promo is available at all Nikkei branches and is exclusive to Booky reservations.

Rockwell branch: Monday to Friday, 11:30am to 3pm 
Rada branch: Monday, all day 
Podium branch: Tuesday, all day
The following sushi rolls with this discount are:


Kampyo, tamago, asparagus, cucumber

Photo from Nikkei

Causa Roll

Causa, salmon skin, cucumber, teriyaki sauce, mackerel, chalaquita, cilantro emulsion

Photo from Nikkei

Ceviche Roll

White fish, cucumber, onion leeks, cilantro, ceviche sauce, fresh chili

Photo from Nikkei

Miso Salmon Roll

Miso, salmon, sesame seeds, mayo, togarashi, cucumber

Photo from Nikkei

Tuna Mango Roll

Tuna, ripe mango, sesame seeds, onion leeks

Photo from Nikkei


  1. Available at all Nikkei branches; each with different schedules
  2. Exclusive to Booky reservations
  3. Promo available for dine-in only; no take out
  4. Not in conjunction with other promos or discounts*
  5. Only available from May 21 – June 21, 2018
  6. The ₱99 sushi roll is exclusive of a 10% service charge

* Take note, folks! You need a Booky reservation to avail of this promo, but if you do avail of the ₱99 rolls, you are forfeiting the  ₱300-₱500 table discount via Booky.

Beer is better when it’s unlimited.

Just give up on your summer body and treat yourself to Nikkei Rockwell’s Beer and Sushi promotion! For just ₱899+, you can drink to your heart’s content. Once availed, you have four hours to enjoy unlimited beer PLUS a complimentary 5-piece roll.

Poster from Nikkei
The beers included in this promo are Corona, Heineken, Sapporo, Pilsner Urquell and Peroni. The best part? You're free to enjoy a variety of these brews, not just one brand!
Photo from Nikkei

Choose ANY roll: Tuna Mango Roll, Miso Salmon Roll, Causa Roll, Ebi Furai, Aburi Roll, Panko, Ceviche Roll, Futomaki, and Grilled Ebi

Photo from @nikkeiph | Panko Roll


  1. Available Monday to Sunday at Rockwell branch; Friday to Sunday at Rada and Podium branches
  2. Price: ₱899 +
  3. Choice of Pilsner Urquell, Sapporo, Peroni & Heineken. Guests can order a variety of these beers.
  4. Complimentary order of any five-piece sushi roll (Tuna Mango Roll, Miso Salmon Roll, Causa Roll, Ebi Furai, Aburi Roll, Panko, Ceviche Roll, Futomaki & Grilled Ebi)
  5. Validity: April 16, 2018 – June 16, 2018
  6. Duration: 4 hours (all day)
  7. No advance orders / No sharing

What are you waiting for? Download the Booky app and head over to Nikkei Podium with your chopsticks at the ready!

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