Palette: The Art of Food, a hidden corner restaurant in New Manila

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Whether you’re looking for a specific cuisine or a mashup experience, the options are endless in Quezon City. If your dining companions are both adventurous and cautious eaters, bring yourselves to Mabolo St. in New Manila and make your way to Palette: The Art of Food.

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This art themed corner restaurant is a mix of old favorites and new things to try. They serve up an a combination of American, Asian, Italian, and Filipino dishes that will not disappoint any palate.

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One foot through the door and you are slapped with burst of colors on the walls. Palette’s interiors are a mix and match of themes; it’s as though their seat plan, which can dine 50 people, is an abstract piece of art in itself.

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

However, it’s the food that you came for. Palette has a wide menu of classic favorites like Beef Belly Tapa and Chicken Teriyaki. For the more adventurous eaters, the Spinach Cauliflower Spread and Pastel de Lengua might be worth a try.

PB&J Wings

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food

Vermicelli Salad

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food

Tinapa Lumpia

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Gambas Chorizo Pasta

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food
Tip: Palette's placemats are like blank canvases so bring a pen (or some crayons) and create a little work of art of your own while waiting for your food!


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Wagyu Misteak

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food

Nanay’s Adobo Duo

Get the best of both worlds with Ginataang Adobo and Binagoongan Adobo

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food

Lava Cake

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food

Strawberry Tiamisu

Photo from Palette: The Art of Food


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1386 Mabolo Street Corner E. Rodriguez Ave, New Manila, Quezon City
(02) 570-6365

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