Opening Soon: Pizza Express, a pizza parlor from London is coming to Manila!

We can’t wait for this to open!


Thanks to the Tasteless Food Group, PizzaExpress will soon open its doors here in Manila!

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PizzaExpress is a pizza parlor that first opened in London, with now over 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom and around 40 in overseas countries in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and in the Middle East.

Photo from @teresali0809

It was founded by Peter Boizot in 1965, with its first restaurant at Wardour Street in London. It was said that Peter was inspired because of his trip to Italy that he decided to bring back a pizza oven from Naples and a chef from Sicily to help him out in the kitchen.

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PizzaExpress specializes in handmade pizza and also offers other specialties such as chicken wings, pasta, and other main entrees. They were also the first to introduce Leggera, the first ever light pizza that contains only around 500 calories.

Photo from @pizzaexpress_uk

PizzaExpress was ever so supportive with the jazz community when it opened its very own jazz club back in 1965 at Dean Street in London. Big-time artists such as Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, and Ella Fitzgerald have come and played at their jazz clubs.

Here are some of their bestsellers that we hope to see in their menu when they open their first branch here in Manila!

Dough Balls

A PizzaExpress classic, served with garlic butter

Photo from @von2905

Spicy Chicken Wings

Photo from @pizzaexpressme

Pesto Genovese

Photo from @sammiting20121221


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Photo from @that_dex

Chili Crab

Photo from @scottssquaresg

Vegan Giardiniera

Photo from @albertziberi

Beyond Meat Pizza

Photo from @allaboutfood
Photo from @manishamoments
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