Make-Your-Own Poke Bowls for Under ₱250 at This QC Spot!

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Can you think of anything more beautiful than a poke bowl? It’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s fresh. Plus, there are about a bajillion ways to make them so you can’t not find a combination that you like.

Fun Fact: Poke means "to cut" or "to slice" in Hawaiian. It also refers to typically a fish salad but is also made with seafood, meat, and vegetables.

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Take a one turn detour from C5 and you can find yourself at Poke Shack, a little restaurant dedicated to these bowls that allow you to mix and match ingredients and toppings to your heart’s desire.

Photo from Poke Shack

The small restaurant has a relaxed, seaside shack vibe that will make you feel like you’re sitting on the sand, poke bowl in hand, and the crashing waves in the background.

Photo from Poke Shack
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Photo from Poke Shack

After a trip to New York and getting his first taste of poke, the owners of Poke Shack knew right away that this was something he wanted to bring back to the Philippines.

Photo from Poke Shack
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For those of you who don’t know, a poke bowl consists of a base; at Poke Shack, you can choose from rice, noodles, or salad bases. These can also come in half portions if you’re trying to cut back. Then there’s your protein, sauce, and toppings!

Crab Crocutes

Photo from Poke Shack

Salad Chips

Photo from Poke Shack

If raw fish isn’t your thing, you can request to have the fish cooked. Poke Shack is also keeping things interesting by introducing us to some newer, non-traditional poke flavors like the Greek inspired Santorini Shawarma, Beefy Cheese Machine, Salted Egg Crunch, and Mediterranean Catch.

Santorini Shawarma on Rice

Chicken shawarma, shitake mushroom, celery, boiled egg, spring onions, cherry tomato, black tobiko, black olives with aioli sauce

Photo from Poke Shack

Fried California Rolls

Photo from Poke Shack

The restaurant offers over a dozen different flavors for seafood, meat, and vegetarian/vegan poke bowls and if there’s an ingredient or two in their mixes that you’re not too fond of, you can ask to replace the ingredient.

Beefy Cheese Machine on Rice

Beef, cheese, corn, pickled cucumber, white onion, cherry tomato, spring onion with ailoi sriracha

Photo from Poke Shack

California Tuna on Noodles

Tuna, kani, pepper, salt, lemon, onion, cashew nuts, sriracha, celery, crispy showa mix, ebiko, black sesame seeds, mango with aioli

Photo from Poke Shack

Even better, you can make your own poke bowl and let your inner mad scientist run wild with the possibilities!

Shack Standard on Rice

Tuna, celery, onion, crispy showa mix, ebiko, furikake, sesame seed with classic poke sauce

Photo from Poke Shack

Salmon Sriracha on Salad

Salmon, celery, onion, crispy showa mix, ebiko, furikake, sesame seed, with sriracha mayo

Photo from Poke Shack
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Ramen Bautista

Photo from Poke Shack

Poke can be as simple or complex as you want it to be and depending on your appetite,  Typically, poke and raw fish is more on the pricey side so Poke Shack is looking to make things more affordable (nothing over P250!) and approachable for everyone.

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G/F Tera Tower, Bridgetowne, C5 cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City
(0926) 071-8992

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