Poultry Stack in Tomas Morato serves chicken from around the world!

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Chicken dishes are easy to come by because almost every restaurant has one chicken dish in their menu. All around the world there’s an abundance of chicken recipes to try, if only there was one place where you can try them all…

…Well, there is.

In the food haven of Tomas Morato, a new chicken spot is boldly doing what no chicken restaurant has done before – serving chicken dishes from around the world!

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Poultry Stack is a homey bistro that specializes in chicken dishes from all over the world. With a menu that ranges from the classic to the unique, your taste buds are in for a treat at this chicken house.

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They boast bright and colorful interiors which is very Instagram-worthy (to go with the food), they even have a swing set to get you real comfy during your meal.

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Poultry Stack is headed by Chef Gino Gonzalez, an award-winning chef who also serves as executive chef in Cafe Ysabel and as a teacher at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies.

Fun Fact: Chef Gino's father also assisted in the creation of their recipes!
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Now to the food. Obviously, Poultry Stack’s ingredient of choice is chicken and you’ll be surprised with just how many ways it can be served. From local favorites to some unique recipes of their own, you’ll always find something new to try in their menu.

Insider tip: Bottoms up! They also serve beer and other alcoholic drinks to pair with your meal.
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Chicken Sisig Wraps

A Filipino classic done the Poultry Stack way with tortilla wrappers and vegetables.

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Tuna Kinilaw and Chicken Skin Longganisa

A Pinoy favorite of fresh tuna tossed in vegetables and spices in their special vinegar dressing and longganisa wrapped in chicken skin.

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Grilled Chicken Asparagus Sandwich

A generous dollop of chicken mayo filling in toasted bread with asparagus and finished with a gratin of mozzarella and mayonnaise. Served with coleslaw and fries.

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Main Dishes

Insider tip: You can mix and match your chicken meal with any of their side offerings such as Red Egg Salsa, Kani Sarada, Thai Papaya Salad, and more!

Pinoy BBQ Chicken

Sweet, sour and smokey, a Pinoy comfort flavor basted generously on fire grilled chicken. Served with java rice and pickled mangoes.

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Poultry Stack Garlic Overload Chicken

Whole chicken marinated in curry, herbs and spices deep fried till crisp and tossed in a mixture of aromatic lime leaf, crispy onions and spices. Served with their special homemade Thai sauce.

Fun Fact: All their chicken recipes go through a long process of brining and slow cooking which takes two and a half days to complete, this assures all their chicken dishes are succulent and full of flavor.
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Thai BBQ Chicken

Chicken marinated in Thai herbs and spices. Served with their special homemade Thai sauce, pineapple rice and papaya salad or your rice and siding of choice.

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Weekend Specials

Poultry Stack likes to mix things up when it comes to their dishes, they offer weekend specials just in case you want a little bit of extra flavor in your meal with dishes like Fillet Mignon and Truffle Fries, Banana Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Caesar Salad, Sous Vide Egg Bucheron (pictured below).

Caesar Salad, Sous Vide Egg Bucheron

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Coconut Pandan Pancetta

A shot of creamy coconut topped with pandan syrup.

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Calamansi Cheesecake

Rich and decadent brown butter cheesecake with a hint of Philippine citrus.

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New Offerings

In a cycle of updating their menu, Poultry Stack now also offers Pastas and Milkshakes!

Grilled Chicken Bolognese

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Carbonara with Sous Vide Egg

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Photo from Poultry Stack

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24-C Sct. Tuason St., near Tomas Morato, Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 410-5050

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It’s chicken time!

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