Celebrate Soru Izakaya’s First Anniversary with ALL FOOD AT 50% OFF!

Half off on all the maki, sushi, tempura, nigiri, and moooore!

Japanese food has always been a staple in any city around Metro Manila. There are restaurants that offer ramen, donburi, sushi, sashimi, and more. However, this newly opened restaurant in Maginhawa is here to provide something different.

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Soru Izakaya is a restaurant that offers a modern take on traditional Japanese food. They call this type of cuisine as “new Nippon” which translates to new Japanese.

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Fun Fact: "Soru" means "soul" in Japanese. The owners chose this word to reflect how their dishes are rooted in the Japanese lifestyle.
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The restaurant’s walls, decoration, and furniture also showcase a mix of modern and traditional Japanese artwork.

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Soru Izakaya has some exciting promos coming up this month so be sure to catch one (or all of them)!


Valentine’s Day at Soru Izakaya

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On February 14, from 11am-10pm, if you spend a minimum of P1,000 and whether or not you’re on a date, you can get a FREE TIRAMISU CAKE. No need for a reservation. To make things even sweeter, ask the server to bring it with a hug, we’re sure they’ll oblige!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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CNY is for everyone! From opening to closing on February 16-17, spend at least P2,500 and Soru Izakaya will treat you to a FREE LAVA MAKI! Take note that the 16th is a holiday so you can’t make a Booky reservation then but on the 17th, you’re free to book!

Soru Izakaya 1st Anniversary Special

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This one’s got to be the best one yet! On Soru Izakaya’s first anniversary on February 20, ALL FOOD and COCKTAILS WILL BE 50% OFF! This doesn’t include beers, wines, and spirits ha. If you’ve never been to Soru Izakaya,  now is the time so mark your calendars: FEBRUARY 20!

Now, it’s time to talk about their best-selling dishes and what makes their food different than your usual:

Soru Ichiban Maki

Soru Izakaya specializes in their creative and colorful maki made with ingredients like shrimp tempura, salmon, pork, and more!

Oh Umi Maki
Shrimp tempura, salmon cubes with Spicy Soru sauce topped with salmon and tempura flakes, drizzled in teriyaki sauce.

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Insider tip: Make sure to dip your sushi into the colorful artwork because that's actually mayonnaise!

Kani Shuriken Maki
Crunchy kani and tempura flakes drizzled with teriyaki sauce and cheese sauce.

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Aburi, which means torching nigiri sushi, can seem intimidating to some so Soru Izakaya made it as fun as possible with their specialty Soru Ichiban Aburi and Aburi Moriawase.

Soru Ichiban Aburi
Shake Nori Aburi – open face nori tempura topped with torched salmon, Japanese rice, and truffle mayo.

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Aburi Moriawase
Combination platter of selected salmon, tuna, mackerel, salay-salay, and octopus (1 piece each).

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Photo from Booky

They also serve more traditional offerings like donburi, ramen, teppanyaki, kushiyaki, and more.

Nori Tempura (Nami)

5 pieces of Nori-flavored, deep-fried tiger prawns.


Asura (grilled skewered bacon stuffed with hard boiled egg), Gyuchizu (grilled skewered sliced beef with melted cheese), Butabara (grilled skewered pork belly), Arabiki (grilled skewered pork sausage), and Bacon Enoki (grilled skewered bacon stuffed with Enoki mushroom).

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Wagyu Teppan

Iron grilled Wagyu cubes.

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Meiji Kare

Japanese tender beef curry on rice.

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Aside from their best-selling dishes, make sure to save space for their fresh drinks, specialty cocktails, and sumptuous desserts.

From L-R: Soru Lemonade, House Blend Iced Tea, Kyuri Green Iced Tea | Photo from Booky
From L-R: Neguroni Kafe (gin, martini, coffee), Wasabi Kamikazee (vodka, lime, apple, wasabi, nori), & Blue Geisha (gin, grapefruit, lemon, blueberry) | Photo from Booky

Matcha Cheesecake
Layered matcha and white chocolate cheesecake and buttered grahams

Fun fact: All their drinks and desserts are freshly made in-house!

Coffee Jelly Parfait
Coffee jelly, coffee cream, cheesy bar, corn cereal, vanilla ice cream, pistachio, and chocolate-covered banana

Layered coffee fingers, cream cheese frosting, cocoa powder, ganache, and mint leaves

Plus, when you book a table through Booky and answer a super short feedback form, you get either of the FREE desserts below!

Red Bean Mochi or Rising Sun Takoyaki Desserts (White and red velvet batter, cream cheese, ganache, peanuts, marshmallows, diced peach, and strawberries)

This is a perfect go-to place after work or even when you want to finish work because they have free wi-fi and outlets!

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140 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City
(0917) 704-0515

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Itadakimasu (bon appetit)!

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