Soup District in Baguio gives diners pork buns to give to the hungry

Let them warm your heart and stomach.

More and more restaurants are running socially conscious kitchens  that utilize locally sourced ingredients and products, participating and sponsoring outreaches, and supporting different causes.

It’s great to hear about these efforts but rare do you come across a restaurant that brings the diners and patrons into acts of good will.

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Soup District in the heart of Baguio is a small but well loved joint that serves up some Asian favorites in the cold city of pines. Piping bowls of ramen, pho, batchoy, and kimchi jigae keep the walls of Soup District warm and cozy all year long.

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After you finish your meal, you will be handed a paper bag with one of their pork buns inside and you are asked to pass the bag onto a streetchild or someone who needs it on your way home.

“If you cant feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

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Before you warm the stomach of someone in need, warm your own with Soup District’s many Asian offerings. They’ve got soup, rice meals, and light snacks for any time of the day.

La Paz Batchoy

Tasty Filipino beef noodle soup topped w/ pork innards, chicken meat, crushed pork cracklings and garlic chips

Photo from @seanhungrylouis


Succulent and rich Japanese tonkotsu broth w/ noodles topped w/ melt-in-the-mouth pork belly chasu mushrooms and soft boiled egg

Photo from @margperezd

Kimchi Jjigae

Spicy and flavorful Korean Kimchi stew w/ pork belly and topped w/ spring onions

Photo from @seanhungrylouis


Savory and aromatic Vietnamese beef broth w/ rice noodles, fresh herbs and beef

Photo from @trishareneer
Photo from @seanhungrylouis
Photo from @seanhungrylouis

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Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio City
(02) 442-4859

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