This BBQ Spot in Rockwell Has Wagyu and Whiskey Flowing Like There’s No Tomorrow

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It seems that every which way we turn, there’s bound to be one restaurant serving Japanese cuisine.

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Tajimaya in One Rockwell is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in Japan-sourced wagyu, charcoal-grilled meats and seafood.

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What sets Tajimaya apart is their all-you-can-eat charcoal BBQ grill experience that you wont find anywhere else because the quality of the meat they serve is unparalleled.

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To get the perfect charred taste, Tajimaya uses a charcoal grill for all their barbecue. While you might leave smelling a little smokier than you came in, it’s well worth it!

But don’t worry, barbecue isn’t the only thing on the menu. Check out these must-try dishes:

Tajimaya Tamagoyaki

Tajimaya egg roll with wagyu beef

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Salmon Sashimi

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Fun Fact: To ensure the quality of the restaurant, Japanese chefs come in almost every month to make sure everything is in tip top shape.


Pancake with chopped vegetables

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Japanese chicken BBQ imported from Japan

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Engawa Flatfish Sashimi

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Yakiniku Don

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Jou Gyutan

Special beef tongue with salt and pepper or miso sauce

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While many restaurants in the Metro offer wagyu beef nowadays, Tajimaya is a step ahead of the pack, offering a selection of 8 different types of wagyu imported from Japan with varying levels of marbling.

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Wagyu Jou Karubi

Wagyu special boneless short ribs with mixed sauce

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Wagyu Tokujou Harami

Wagyu extra special outside skirt with mixed sauce

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Wagyu Jou Harami

Wagyu special outside skirt with mixed sauce

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When the managing partners of Tajimaya first dined at the original branch in Osaka, they fell so deeply in love with the food that it compelled them to ask the owners if they could bring the yakiniku restaurant to the Philippines. Luckily for us, they said yes! The franchise currently has branches in Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Baguio, and Cebu.

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Not all  branches of Tajimaya are the same, however. The Mall of Asia branch is open to all-you-can-eat diners every day of the week; the Rockwell branch offers all-you-can-eat for lunch on weekdays but their real specialty is the wagyu; and the Baguio branch is the only one that has tempura on the menu.

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In addition to Tajimaya’s superior Japanese meats, they have an extensive selection of whiskeys from Japan and offer lunch sets as well!

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Take note, folks! If you book a table at Tajimaya Rockwell, the discount applies to their ala carte items and not the all-you-can-eat.

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