Can’t do a Eurotrip? This Bistro in Tomas Morato is the Next Best Thing

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All good things come to an end, but they don’t have to end completely. Taking inspiration from their European honeymoon, a couple set out to bring some of their favorite treats back to the Philippines to immortalize that special time for everyone to enjoy.

Setting up in a quiet corner in Tomas Morato, their European pastries and dishes are sure to transport you and have you coming back for more.

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Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie is a hidden pastry shop and restaurant in Tomas Morato serving up unique European pastries and dishes inspired from the owners’ honeymoon in Europe. Taking their inspiration from three countries they visited (Germany, Italy, and Spain) they’ve created an immersive European dining experience for Filipinos to enjoy.

Fun Fact: The “V” in Vanderlust stands for Valerie and “A” stands for Anthony, the names of the owners. Vanderlust is also how Germans would pronounce Wanderlust.
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Vanderlust is the only bistro that flies you around the world with its affordable luxurious treats such as the 300 year old German pastry Schneeball, Tuscan favorite Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Spanish cheese from the La Mancha region and many more!

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With their three signature pastries each taking inspiration from a stop in their honeymoon, below is their dessert roster that takes inspiration from Germany, Italy, and Spain.


Their signature pastry, and one you have to work for to enjoy. From their honeymoon stop in Germany, their Schneeball takes inspiration from the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber where the pastry is served as a specialty. Recommended flavors include the Peanut Butter Ball, Hazelnut Kiss, and Strawberry & Cream.

Insider tip: Make sure you're physically ready for this dessert! The schneeball requires you to smash it with a hammer to break it into bite sized pieces!
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Photo from Booky

Italian Cannoli

Representing the Italian leg of their honeymoon, these pockets of sweetness are inspired from the owners’ trip to the region of Sicily. Stuffed with an assortment of fillings and decorations, recommended flavors include Earl Gray, Lemon, and Chocolate Pistachio.

Fun fact: Cannolo, its singular form, means "little tube".
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Spanish Churros

A new take on your dessert favorite, inspired from their trip to Spain, their churros are handmade and cooked fresh everyday with flavors that are sure to intrigue and surprise you. Recommended flavors include Red Velvet, Maple Bacon, and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

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Insider tip: Add P50 to any non-alcoholic drink and get a free serving of their hot churros (pictured below)!
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With their desserts surely locking you in for a visit, just wait because Vanderlust has more to offer. Aside from their signature pastries, their hot plates and savory dished are sure to keep that European trip going.

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Eggplant Caponata Bruschetta

Toasted baguette with melted mozzarella and topped with a tasty sweet and sour Sicilian eggplant dish.

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Continuing the European motif, their pastas are influenced from many different nations in the region. Below are some of the dishes we recommend.

Cacio E Pepe Mushroom Truffle

An Italian pasta dish, which means Cheese and Pepper, this variety comes in a mushroom truffle sauce that is light and flavorful.

Insider tip: You can also get your Cacio E Pepe in different flavors such as Basil Chicken and Prawns & Lemon.
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Pesto di Aglio

Al dente pasta with Liguarian inspired pesto sauce that combines nuts, garlic, and basil.

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Probably tying with their dessert menu, their main dishes are a definite must-try. The owners took their favorite dishes from their Europe trip and revamped them to fit the Filipino palette.

Butcher’s Steak with Blue Cheese & Potato Gratin

7oz in size, this dish got its name because butchers would often keep this delectable cut of meat for themselves rather than offer it for sale. It’s served with a Cabrales inspired condiment – blue cheese butter.

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Pollo al Funghi sul Riso

A hearty chicken dish simmered in wine and marinara sauce paired with fragrant rosemary rice.

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Schweinekotelett with Mustard Cream Sauce

300g of pork chop with creamy mustard sauce, German fermented cabbage and mashed potatoes. Add to that some pork skin cooked to crackling perfection from that Schweinshaxe inspiration.

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From calda (hot coffee) to fredda (cold coffee), their drinks are some of the most unique in the neighborhood. Taking European inspirations into every drink, they also serve wines and beers from the region.

Irish Coffee

For 18 and above only, this coffee drink is for that quick warm-up you need to end the day, brewed coffee spiked with Whyte & Mackay Whiskey – Our top drink recommendation.

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Signature Hot Chocolate

Now for a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone, their chocolate is made from their own cacao which is made fresh creating a warm crisp taste unlike any other.

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Soft sweet marshmallow bites coated in chocolate and a multitude of toppings.

Price: ₱49/pc or ₱350/box of 9's
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100 Sct De Guia cor Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 954-0401

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