Frequently Asked Questions

What is Booky Prime?

Booky Prime is a membership program that gives discounts off your bill at over 250 Prime partner restaurants across Metro Manila.

Which restaurants are part of Prime?

Many of the best restaurants across Metro Manila are already Prime partners that include Todd English, Rib City, Terry’s, Apartment 1b and Frazzled Cook. New partners restaurants are being added every week.

To view all restaurant partners, download Booky app on iOS or Android or visit

Is the service free?

Yes, as part of the free trial you have P1000 of discount credits. If you send a table booking request and the restaurants confirms, this counts as 1 credit even if you cancel later.

How do I book a table to get up to P500 off?

  • Find a Prime partner restaurant on the app or website
  • Pick a seating time and discount (different seating times have different discounts)
  • Send your booking request
  • If your booking is accepted you will get an SMS confirmation which you should show to the waiter upon billing out.
  • Your member discount will then be applied to your bill.

What times can I book a table?

You can book a table via SMS up to 45 mins before a seating time and no further than 2 weeks into the future. You cannot book a table on Valentines, Father's, Mother's day or public hliidays. All restaurants also have different seating times.

How do I change my booking time?

You can call the restaurant directly to change the time but your discount will fall back to the minimum P100 off.

How do I cancel my table?

You can reply to booky via SMS (the same number that sent you the booking confirmation) with keyword CANCELTABLE.

Are SMS messages free?

Yes, all texts to and from Booky are free of charge.

Can I make more than 1 table booking via SMS?

No you cannot. If you already made a booking, you cannot make another until this booking has been completed or you cancel this booking. We're working on changing this.

Can I get discount without booking a table?

Yes. If you show your Prime member card to the waiter upon billing out you will get P100 discount, subject to P1000 minimum spend. The Prime member card is digital and to access it you must download the app and login to Prime. You can download the app on iOS or Android.

What does the Prime member card give me?

You get P100 discount on your bill by simply showing your Prime member card upon billing out at any partner restaurant subject to a minimum spend of P1000 (exclusive of service charge). You don't need a prior booking to avail this member discount. The Prime member card is digital and to access it you must download the app and login to Prime. You can download the app on iOS or Android.

Where is my Prime member card?

You can only access your card inside the app. You will not be sent a physical card. To view your digital card please open the app and click the Prime badge on the Home screen.

Can we redeem more than one Prime discount per table?

No you cannot. Only one redemption is allowed per table/party.

When are Prime discounts not valid?

You cannot avail of any Prime discount on top of existing promotions, offers or benefits. The restaurant has final authority here. You also cannot avail of any Prime discounts on Valentines, Father's, Mother's day or public hliidays.

What about Senior Citizen's or PWD card?

You cannot get Prime discount on top of these benefits. If you're in a party with people that have SC or PWD benefits, standard practice is to separate their bill so they still get their benefits and the remaining bill gets the Prime member discount.

When does my free trial expire?

Your free trial expires after you make 3 confirmed table bookings via our SMS service. If a restaurant confirms your request and you subsequently cancel, this still counts as 1 confirmed booking. If a restaurant declines your booking request, this doesn't count.

What happens after the free trial?

You won't be able to book a table and get discounts when your trial expires. You will be asked to subscribe to Prime for P199/month. Your credit card will be auto billed in advance of each monthly billing period unless cancelled.

My free trial has expired, how do I subscribe to Prime?

When you open your Booky app and your free trial has expired you will see a button that says 'Subscribe.' Click this and enter the credit card details you want to be billed on. After clicking 'Done' and your credit card has been processed you will be a Prime member.

When I subscribe, how will I be charged?

The credit card you subscribed with will be charged at the start of the monthly billing cycle. This will be auto-billed every month unless you cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can email us at Please also indicate the mobile number you signed up to Prime with.

After I cancel my subscription will I get a refund?

No, when you cancel your subscription you only cancel future charges. You will not receive a refund for the current billing cycle.

If I have any issues or questions, how can I contact Booky?

Please email us at