Forge: Martial Fitness Aguirre Ave

3/F CFB Building, Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, BF Homes, Parañaque

Circuit Training, Martial Arts

Open M-F: 2PM-10PM; Sa: 10AM-4PM
Be forged into a true martial artist at Forge: Martial Fitness! Learn from the very best with Forge: Martial Fitness' roster of highly trained and experienced coaches and forge your own path of fitness and discipline.

Forge: Martial Fitness Menu

  • Rates

    • Drop-in


    • 7 Sessions


    • 16 Sessions


    • 25 Sessions


    • Knife Fighting

      4 Sessions


  • Classes

    • Adults

      Muay Thai / Swordsmanship / Judo

    • Knife Fighting

      Submission Wrestling / Warrior Conditioning

    • Kids

      Muay Thai / Swordsmanship / Judo

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