PondrSalcedo Village

Adamson Centre, 121 Leviste St, Salcedo Village, Makati

Coworking Space, Play

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Open M-F: 8AM-8PM

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  • Membership Types

    • Virtual

      Address & Shipping. Send and receive packages and mail from our midtown location. Conference room bookings available.


    • Nomad

      No permanent seat. Sit anywhere and meet a new friend everyday! 5 hours free access to Meeting Rooms.


    • Dedicated

      Permanent Desk. That seat is yours and yours alone! Unlimited use of conference room for FREE.


    • Office

      Private Suites. Get your own office with your own private room. Enjoy UNLIMITED use of our conference rooms.


    • Staff Leasing

      You can now hire employees and provide the mandatory benefits in the PH even without a local entity through us.

    • Hiring & Manpower

      Let us find the talent you need for your business.

    • Consultancy

      Marketing & Operations. We can help you with your marketing and operations in the Philippines.

    • Registration

      Of Company. Register your company as a corporation, partnership or as a sole proprietorship in Manila, Philippines.

    • We offer more than Office Spaces

      We also offer the following:

      Staff Leasing

      HR & Payroll

      Manpower & Hiring

      Marketing & Operations Consultancy


      Company Registration