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10 Katipunan Ave, Novaliches, Quezon City

Hair, Nails

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Open M-F: 9AM-9PM; Sa-Su: 11AM-9PM

Beauty Contessa Hair and Nail Lounge Services

  • Keratin Lash Lift

    • Lift and Tint

      For a thicker, fuller and curvier, naturally appealing lashes that lasts up to 12 weeks


    • Tint Only

      Darken lashes even without mascara which lasts 4-6 weeks


    • Lift Only

      Lifts and curves lashes which lasts up to 8-12 weeks


  • Fabulash

    • Fabulash Eyelash Extensions

      Inclusive of free retouch on your next visit for first timers


      Lash Extension (40-60) 600.00

      Dramatic Lash Extension (61-80) 800.00

      Diva Lash Extension (81-100) 1,000.00

      Lash Refill 300.00

      Lash Removal 450.00

  • Foot Spa

    • Jelly Foot Spa

      Experience a unique and enjoyable foot treatment perfect for removing callous, inclusive of thorough exfoliation and one of a kind relaxation


    • Mineral Salt Spa

      A mineralized foot spa with scented Epsom Salts incorporated in hot water to relieve your aching feet


    • Premium Foot Spa



      Peppermint Foot Spa - 5-Application cooling foot spa perfect on a hot, humid weather or even after a long tiring day

      Whitening Foot Spa - 6-Application whitening foot spa to lighten and smoothen skin

  • Color and Texture

    • Choose the Best and Appropriate Brazilian Treatment for you. All within minimum lenghts.


      The Original Brazilian Blowout - Hair smoothening best for all hair types - Starts at 3,000.00

      Magic Brazilian Blowdry - For bleached hair, and treated hair - Starts at 1,800.00

      Magic Gold Infusion - Brazilian treatment with glistening effect after the procedure perfect for natural hair - Starts at 1,800.00

      Magic Collagen - Best choice for brittle and damaged hair - Starts at 2,000.00

      Alfa Keratin - Tough as a Mama but gentle as a Baby's skin. This is a Brazilian treatment intended for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms - Starts at 1,800.00

  • Nails

    • Classic Manicure

      Cleaning (with regular polish)


      Branded Polish Upgrade

      Orly 200.00

      O.P.I. 200.00

      Sally Hansen 200.00

      Morgan Taylor 150.00

      Solique 150.00

    • Classic Pedicure

      Cleaning (with regular polish)


      Branded Polish Upgrade

      Orly 200.00

      O.P.I. 200.00

      Sally Hansen 200.00

      Morgan Taylor 150.00

      Solique 150.00

    • Gel Manicure


      Aishini 250.00

      I.B.D. 250.00

      Orly Gel FX 350.00

    • Gel Pedicure


      Aishini 350.00

      I.B.D. 350.00

      Orly Gel FX 450.00

    • Classic Manicure and Pedicure


    • Gel Manicure and Pedicure

      550.00 / 750.00

  • Nail Extensions

    • Gum Gel Nail Extensions with Free Manicure


      Short Overlay 850.00

      Medium 1,000.00

      Long 1,250.00

      Super Long 1,500.00

    • Upgraded Gum Gel Nail Extensions


      Orly Gel FX 1,200.00

      Aishini / I.B.D. 1,000.00

      Removal 250.00