Pancake House SM Southmall

UG/F SM Southmall, West Wing, Alabang-Zapote Rd, Almanza Uno, Las Piñas


ico-inline-s-clock-16w.pngOpen M-Su: 10AM-9PM
Pancake House is an all-day breakfast place serving classic and well-loved breakfast favorites. They offer a variety of pancake flavors from Classic, Chocolate Marble, Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Pancake House Menu

  • Breakfast

    • Cinnamon Toast

      Bursting with cinnamon flavor and topped with raisins, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with whipped cream


    • French Toast

      Slices of toast dipped in the richness of milk, eggs, and cinnamon, served with maple syrup


    • Country Breakfast

      A hearty combination of three pcs Country Sausage, hash brown, two eggs, two pcs toast butter, and choice of coffee or tea


    • Perfect Match

      Crispy bacon strips, hash brown, two eggs, two pcs toast, butter, and choice of coffee or tea


    • Pork Tocino

      Special sugar-cured pork slices appetizingly fried, reminiscent of mom's kitchen. Served with garlic or plain rice, fried egg, and mango salsa


    • Beef Tapa

      Specially marinated tender beef strips pan-fried short of crunchy, served with garlic or plain rice, fried egg, and mango salsa


    • Smoked Golden Tinapa

      Milkfish smoked to golden perfection and served with steamed rice and mango salsa


    • Daing na Bangus

      Milkfish marinated in vinegar, garlic, onions, salt and pepper, pan-fried to perfection, served with garlic or plain rice an mango salsa


    • My Breakfast Medley

      Baked beans with bacon bits, two eggs, and your choice of Ham, Corned Beef or Bratwurst, and carbs -Garlic Rice, Mashed Potato, Bread or French Fries.


    • Pancake/Waffle Combination

      2 pc Classic Pancake or Golden Brown Waffle, two eggs, and your choice of Ham, Bacon, Country Sausage, or Meat Loaf


    • My Ultimate Breakfast

      Baked beans with bacon bits, Bratwurst, Corned Beef, Ham, two eggs and your choice of of Bread, Garlic Rice, Mashed Potato or French Fries


    • Ham and Cheese Omelette

      Fluffy flavored omelettes served with toast- deciding which one may be a problem!


    • Mushroom Omelette

      Fluffy flavored omelettes served with toast- deciding which one may be a problem!


    • Spanish Omelette

      Fluffy flavored omelettes served with toast- deciding which one may be a problem!


  • Pancakes

    • Classic Pancakes

      The homey goodness of plain golden pancakes served with whipped butter


      2pcs 150.00

      3pcs 185.00

    • Cheese Pancakes

      Bite into it and enjoy the meltingly yummy cheddar cheese


      2pcs 182.00

      3pcs 207.00

    • Banana Pancakes

      Crushed ripe bananas inside golden pancakes topped with syrup


      2pcs 182.00

      3pcs 207.00

    • Chocolate Marble Pancakes

      Chocolate syrup-swirled pancakes for just the right touch of sweetness


      2pcs 192.00

      3pcs 217.00

    • Chocolate Chips Pancakes

      Pancakes filled with tempting chocolate bits served with peanut butter


      2pcs 187.00

      3pcs 217.00

    • Walnut Pancakes

      You'll go nuts over these rich and flavorful walnut-filled pancakes


      2pcs 197.00

      3pcs 227.00

    • Blueberry Pancakes

      Sink your teeth into blueberry-filled pancakes with syrup


      2pcs 197.00

      3pcs 232.00

    • Caramel Banana Walnut Pancakes

      Pancakes with chunks of walnuts topped with banana slices and caramel syrup


      2pcs 197.00

      3pcs 232.00

    • Classic Country Pancake Medley

      Two pcs Classic Pancakes with Country Sausage and your choice of coffee or juice


    • Bacon and Cheese Pancake Medley

      Two pcs Cheese Pancakes with sunny side up egg, crispy bacon strips, and your choice of coffee or juice


    • Banoffee

      A well-loved dessert of bananas and whipped cream made our way.


    • Red Velvet

      Our version of a classic dessert turned favorite.


      Add On

      Country Sausages (4pcs) 117.00

      Crispy Bacon Strips (4pcs) 135.00

  • Waffles

    • Bacon Waffle

      Delectable bacon bits inside a crispy golden waffle


    • Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle

      Golden waffle with chopped walnuts, banana slices, served with caramel syrup


    • Cheese Waffle

      Waiting inside is the creamy deliciousness of melted cheese


    • Chocolate Marble Waffle

      Waffle enriched with chocolate syrup and peanut butter


    • Golden Brown Waffle

      Classic and crispy delicious golden brown waffle


      Add On

      Country Sausages (4pcs) 117.00

      Crispy Bacon Strips (4pcs) 135.00

  • Soup

    • Mushroom Soup

      Today's Heartwarming Soup. Subject to store's featured soup of the day


    • Potato Bacon Soup

      Today's Heartwarming Soup. Subject to store's featured soup of the day


    • Almondigas Soup

      A hearty delectable broth of rice noodles with minced pork balls and spring onions


  • Salads

    • Caesar Salad

      Refreshing and crispy salad greens, bacon bits, and croutons with Parmesan cheese


    • Fiesta Taco Salad

      Roasted chicken bits, kidney beans, corn chips, mixed greens, and grated cheddar cheese with special dressing--all on a giant taco


    • Hearty Chef's Salad

      Lettuce and mixed greens garnished with ham pieces, chunks of chicken, and cheddar cheese cubes


    • Shrimp-Mango Salad

      Lettuce greens dressed with shrimp, ripe mangoes, sliced green chillies, and red bell pepper, mixed with pili nuts served with sweet and spicy golden mist dressing


    • Warm Bacon Potato Salad

      A warm salad composed of creamy potatoes topped with crispy bacon bits and fresh alfalfa sprouts, laid on a bed of mixed greens


  • Main Course

    • Classic Pan Chicken

      Our popular and well-loved crispy and succulent chicken served with steamed rice and flavorful homemade gravy


      2pcs 210.00

      3pcs 275.00

    • Pan Chicken and Golden Brown Waffle


      1pc 245.00

      2pcs 329.00

    • Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice

      Flavorful brown rice pilaf paired with tender chicken paillard and garnished with garlic cream mayo, chopped parsley, and lemon wedge


    • Fish Rolls

      A variation of spring rolls, an Asian favorite, with a healthy twist: fish! Served with plain rice topped with garlic bits and tangy mango salsa


    • Adobo Sulipan

      Pork and chicken, loosely shredded, with hard-boiled egg slice and pickled kangkong


    • Arroz a la Cubana

      A hearty meal of flavorful ground meat, steamed rice topped with fried egg, and served with saba banana slices


    • Pork Vienna

      Breaded lean pork, finely sliced and served with rice and coleslaw


    • Special Salisbury Steak

      Premium 1/3 lb Salisbury steak topped with creamy mushroom gravy and bacon bits


    • Pan Grilled Pork Belly

      All-time favorite grilled pork belly, marinated in Cajun spices, served with mashed potato and corn and carrots


    • Pan Seared Fish Fillet

      Tilapia fillet served with tomato, salsa, rice and side salad


    • Hot Roast Beef

      Temptingly open-faced with mashed potatoes and vegetables


    • Steak & Eggs

      Imported, succulent rib-eye steak served with vegetables on the side, eggs and your choice of mashed potato or steamed rice


    • Mac N' Cheese with Bacon


    • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

      A childhood favorite you always go back to, moms spaghetti with meat sauce


      Reg 199.00

      Large 307.00

    • Carbonara

      Linguine tossed with special white creamy sauce, mushroom, bacon bits and parmesan cheese


    • Seafood Gambero

      Marinara-style pasta- shrimps, New Zealand mussel, cream dory and tagliatelle tossed in a tangy tomato herb sauce


  • Special Sets

    • Spaghetti Club Special Set

      Spaghetti the old-fashioned way plus Lite Clubhouse Sandwich. Todays heartwarming soup and Iced Tea


    • Pan Chicken Special Set

      Two pcs Pan Chicken with Gravy, Tuna Macaroni Salad, buttered toast and Iced tea


    • House Specials Set A

      A delicious mix of specialties of the house: Taco, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread, 1 pc Pan Chicken and Iced Tea


    • House Specials Set B

      A delicious mix of specialties of the house: Taco, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread, Special Salisbury Steak, and iced tea


    • Hamburger Steak Special Set

      Juicy Hamburger steak with gravy, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, mixed vegetables and iced tea


    • Roast Beef Special Set

      Roast Beef with vegetable on the side, Caesar Salad, Rice and Iced tea



      Side Orders:

      Plain Rice 40.00

      Garlic Rice 45.00

      Toasted Bread 40.00

      Butter & Jam 45.00

      Potato Salad 87.00

      Mashed Potato & Gravy 87.00

      French Fries 87.00

      Hash Brown 40.00

  • Snacks

    • Best Taco in Town

      Colorful South of the Border Mexican treat! Ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese in crispy taco shell


      1pc 120.00

    • Best Tuna Macaroni Salad

      Chunky tuna macaroni salad with pickles


    • Potato Salad

      Chunky traditional potato salad with egg and pickles


    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

      Good old American style, grilled and meltingly delicious, served with potato salad


    • Tuna Sandwich

      Tuna chunks in mayo on bread and served with Potato Salad


    • Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

      Slice of ham with meltingly good American cheese and French Fries


    • Bacon Lettuce and Tomato

      Who can say no to another classic, BLT, served with Potato Salad


    • Chicken Sandwich

      Chunky chicken sandwich with French Fries


    • Club Sandwich

      Satisfyingly delicious triple decker made of chicken, bacon, lettuce, egg slices, tomato and cheese and served with French Fries


    • Jumbo House Burger

      Big (1/3) and juicy beef patty with mushroom, bacon, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomato on toasted bun, served with French Fries


  • Kid's Corner

    • Kids Mac n' Cheese


    • Children's Classic

      Our best-selling spaghetti with meat sauce served with garlic bread


      Ala Carte 107.00

    • Small Soldiers Classic Mini Pancakes

      Mini Classic Pancakes


    • Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites

      Mini Classic Pancakes with Candy-coated choco bites


    • Classic Chicken Bites


    • Spicy Chicken Bites


    • Slice & Shine

      A classic kiddie favorite composed of pan seared meatloaf slices served with sunny side up egg and plain rice


  • Desserts

    • Scoop of Ice cream

      For ice cream purists!







    • Mini Pancakes Classic

      With candy-coated choco bites


    • Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites

      Mini Classic Pancakes with Candy-coated choco bites


    • Halo-Halo Jubilee

      Shaved ice with milk, sweet garbanzos, kaong, white beans, red mungo beans, langka strips, and red gulaman topped with homemade leche flan


      Regular 107.00

    • Halo-Halo Jubilee with Ice Cream

      Shaved ice with milk, sweet garbanzos, kaong, white beans, red mungo beans, langka strips, and red gulaman topped with homemade leche flan. Served with Ice cream on top


    • Waffle Foldover

      Golden brown waffle on the outside, peanut butter, two hefty scoops of vanilla ice cream, and candy-coated choco bites on the inside


    • Jumbo Banana Split

      The dessert you grew up with has just gotten richer--with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream


  • Drinks

    • Freshly Brewed Coffee


    • Freshly Brewed Coffee w/ Refill


    • Decaf Coffee


    • Hot Cappuccino


    • Hot Tea


    • Belgian Hot Chocolate


    • Fresh Milk


    • Milkshakes

      Reminiscent of soda fountains and carefree days


      Regular 137.00

      Extra Thick 152.00






    • Rootbeer Float


    • Orange Freeze Float


    • Minute Maid Juice


    • Calamansi Juice


    • Orange Juice


    • Pineapple Juice


    • Four Seasons Juice


    • Bottled Water


    • House Iced Tea


    • Bottomless Iced Tea


    • Soda in Can


Pancake House Branches


SM Sucat

3/F SM Sucat, Dr. A. Santos Ave Sucat, Parañaque


SM Southmall

G/F SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapote Rd Almanza Uno, Las Piñas


Robinsons Lipa

3/F Expansion Wing, Robinson's Place, Brgy. Mataas na Lupa Lipa, Batangas

JP Rizal

1114 NVM Mansion Bldg., Antipolo St. cor JP Rizal Makati


Robinsons Place Las Piñas

2/F Robinsons Place Las Piñas Talon, Las Piñas

California Garden Square

Retail 1 & 2, Anaheim Cluster California Garden Square, Libertad St Mandaluyong

SM Light Mall

2/F SM Light Mall Mandaluyong



2/F Pavillion Mall, San Antonio Biñan, Laguna



G/F I-Mall Jose Yulo Blvd. cor Dona Cecilia Araneta Ave Canlubang, Laguna


SM San Pablo

2/F SM San Pablo, Maharlika Highway San Pablo, Laguna


San Pablo

Ultimart Shopping Center, M. Paulino St San Pablo, Laguna

Aguirre Ave

2/F The Pergola, Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Sucat, Parañaque

San Pedro

Stall 3A-3B Plaza Pacita Commercial Complex San Pedro, Laguna


SM Center Lemery

2/F SM Center Lemery, Illustre Ave Lemery, Batangas


SM Lipa

G/F SM City Lipa, Ayala Highway Lipa, Batangas

Aguirre Ave

G/F D' Square Bldg., 295 Aguirre Ave. cor Francisco Cruz St BF Homes, Parañaque


Walter Mart Dasmariñas

2/F Waltermart Dasmarinas, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Dasmariñas, Cavite


Sta. Cruz

Brgy. 3, P. Guevarra Ave Sta. Cruz, Laguna

SM Center Pulilan

2/F SM Center Pulilan Pulilan, Bulacan

Marquee Mall

2/F Marquee Mall, Francisco de la Paz St Angeles, Pampanga

SM Bicutan

LG/F SM City Bicutan, Bldg. B., Doña Soledad Ave. Don Bosco, Parañaque


Starmall EDSA

2/F Starmall EDSA corner Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong


G/F J. Alcasid Bldg. Calamba, Laguna


SM Bacoor

LG/F SM Bacoor, Aguinaldo Hiway cor Tirona Hiway Bacoor, Cavite


Robinsons Imus

2/F Robinson's Place Imus, Aguinaldo Hi-way Imus, Cavite

SM Consolacion

2/F SM Consolacion Consolacion, Cebu

Pasong Tamo

2/F Roadstar Bldg. #8838 Estrella cor Sampaloc Sts San Antonio, Makati

SM Batangas

G/F SM Batangas Batangas

Pacific Star Building

G/F Low Rise, Pacific Star Bldg., Makati Ave.cor Buendia Ave. Salcedo Village, Makati


G/F Metropolis Mall Alabang, Muntinlupa

Forum Robinsons

2/F Forum Robinsons Mall, EDSA cor Pioneer St Mandaluyong


Skybridge E Podium Level Prime Block, Tutuban Center, CM Recto Ave. Manila

Robinsons Place Malolos

3/F Robinsons Place Malolos, 316 Sumapang Matanda Malolos, Bulacan


SM Marilao

UG/F SM City Marilao, Ibayo Marilao, Bulacan


Starmall San Jose del Monte

G/F Starmall San Jose del Monte, Quirino Hwy San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

SM San Jose del Monte

2/F SM City San Jose Del Monte, Quirino Highway San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

Robinsons Naga

3/F Robinsons Place Naga, Almeda Hwy Naga, Camarines Sur

SM Rosario

2/F SM Rosario, Gen. Trias Dr Rosario, Cavite

Better Living

177 E. G/F BPI Bldg., Doña Soledad Ave Betterliving, Parañaque


SM Molino

2/F SM Molino Cart, Brgy. Molino IV Road Bacoor, Cavite


2/F Chikara Realty JC Aquino Ave Butuan


2/F Waltermart Tanauan, JP Laurel National Hi-Way, Brgy. Darasa Tanauan, Batangas


G/F NCCC Mall Tagum, Davao


44 Don Rufino Alonzo Cotabato


SM Center Imus

G/F SM Center Imus, N.I.A Rd Imus, Cavite


2/F Centennial Bldg. Arellano cor. Blumentritt St. Tuguegarao, Cagayan


SM Baguio

LG/F SM Baguio Baguio City


SM Bacolod

G/F SM Bacolod, South Wing Negros Occidental


V. Toledo cor M.H. Del Pilar St Silang, Cavite


SM Naga

2/F SM Naga, Cory Aquino Ave Naga, Camarines Sur



G/F Woodsville City Village Mall, Edison Ave. cor West Service Road, Merville Parañaque

Walter Mart Sta. Rosa

UG/F Waltermart Sta. Rosa, Baligbago Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Santana Grove

2/F Unit 8 Santana Grove cor Dr. A. Santos & Sorina Ave San Antonio, Parañaque

SM Baliwag

2/F SM City Baliwag, Dona Remedios Trinidad Hwy, Pagala Baliwag, Bulacan


5950 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Hi-way, Kaybagal South Tagaytay


SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown

3/F SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown, Luna St. cor Mabini St. Tuguegarao, Cagayan

SM Sta. Rosa

G/F SM City Sta. Rosa Sta. Rosa, Laguna


District Dasmarinas

2/F The District Dasmarinas Molino, Brgy. Saliwag Paliparan Rd, Dasmarinas, Cavite


SM Center Las Piñas

LG/F SM Center Las Piñas, Alabang Zapote Rd Pamplona, Las Piñas


Unit 2 &3 Meycauayan College Main, Calvario Meycauayan, Bulacan


SM BF Parañaque

2/F SM City BF Parañaque, Dr A Santos Ave BF Homes, Parañaque


Robinsons Dasmarinas

3/F Robinson's Place Dasmarinas, Pala Pala Dasmarinas, Cavite


SM Makati

4/F SM Makati, near Department Store Ayala Center, Makati


SM Dasmariñas

LG/F SM Dasmariñas, Governor's Dr Dasmariñas, Cavite


SM Calamba

2/F SM Calamba Calamba, Laguna


SM Trece Martires

2/F SM City Trece Martires, Governor's Dr Trece Martires, Cavite

Robinsons Cebu

2/F Robinson's Place Cebu, Fuente Osmena St Cebu

SM Cebu

G/F SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area Cebu

Country Mall Cebu

G/F Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad Rd Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu

Basement 2, Ayala Center Cebu

SM Lanang

LG/F SM Lanang Premier Davao

SM Ecoland Davao

G/F SM City Davao, Qiumpo Blvd. Tulip Drive, Ecoland Davao

Abreeza Mall

3/F Abreeza Mall, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada Davao


SM Iloilo

G/F SM Iloilo Iloilo

Paseo de Sta Rosa

Unit 3 2/F Paseo 2 Paseo de Sta. Rosa Sta. Rosa, Laguna


Greenbelt 1

G/F Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas Legaspi Village, Makati



No. 1 Juno St. corner Makati Ave Makati


MRT Ayala

MRT Ayala Station, EDSA Makati

Alphaland Southgate

2/F Alpha Land Southgate Mall, Chino Roces Ext., cor EDSA Makati


Makati Medical Center

2/F Tower 1 Makati Medical Center, #2 Amorosolo St Makati

Cash and Carry

Cash & Carry, Filmore corner Calatagan St Palanan, Makati

Walter Mart Makati

4/F Waltermart Mall, Pasay Rd. cor Pasong Tamo Pio Del Pilar, Makati

Salcedo Village

G/F Valero Carpark Bldg., Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati

SM Hypermarket Makati

G/F SM Hypermarket Makati, Pres. Osmena Highway cor Finlandia San Isidro, Makati


2/F #25 Rizal Ave., cor Leono St. Malabon

Market Place

G/F Market Place Mall, Kalentong St Mandaluyong

SM Megamall

5/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, EDSA cor Julia Vargas Ave. Mandaluyong

SM Megamall

2/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, EDSA cor Julia Vargas Ave. Mandaluyong

S&R Shaw

514 Shaw Blvd, near Wack Wack Subd Mandaluyong

Shangri-La Plaza

#30 Basement Level, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA cor Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong


The Podium

2/F The Podium, ADB Ave Ortigas, Mandaluyong

Walter Mart Paniqui

Waltermart Paniqui Paniqui, Tarlac

Robinsons Place Manila

3/F Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila Ermita, Manila

SM Tarlac

LG/F SM Tarlac, McArthur Highway San Roque, Tarlac

Manila Hotel

G/F Ante Lobby near Centennial Hall, The Manila Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Intramuros Ermita, Manila


SM Manila

LG/F SM Manila, San Marcelino Ermita, Manila


SM San Lazaro

LG/F SM San Lazaro Manila


Robinsons Otis

2/F Robinson's Place Otis, Paz Mendoza Guanzon St Paco, Manila



2/F Isetann Cinerama Complex Mall, C. M. Recto Ave Quiapo, Manila


SM Sta. Mesa

3/F SM City Sta. Mesa, R Magsaysay cor G. Araneta Ave Sta. Mesa, Manila


SM Marikina

2/F SM Marikina, Marikina-Infanta Hwy Calumpang, Marikina


Garcia Bldg., Bayan-Bayanan cor Bongallion Concepcion, Marikina

C&B Circle Mall

2/F C& B Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Marikina Heights, Marikina


Starmall Alabang

3/F Starmall Alabang Alabang, Muntinlupa



G/F PBB Corp. Centre, 1906 Finance Drive Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa Alabang, Muntinlupa


Madison Galeries

3/F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus,Blvd., Alabang Hills Alabang, Muntinlupa


Festival Supermall

3/F Festival Mall Alabang, Muntinlupa



#49 National Highway Putatan, Muntinlupa


SM Muntinlupa

G/F SM Muntinlupa, National Rd Tunasan, Muntinlupa

Newport Mall

09-B G/F Manlunas St. Newport City, Pasay City Pasay

SM Mall of Asia

2/F SM Mall of Asia, South Wing Pasay


Metro Point Shopping Mall

4/F Metro Point Shopping Mall, Taft Ave. cor EDSA Pasay

SM Mall of Asia

2/F SM Mall of Asia, North Wing Pasay

Double Dragon Plaza

G/F Double Dragon Meridian Park, Tower 1 Pasay


One E-Com Building

Unit 11 & 12, G/F One E-Com Bldg., Palm Coast Ave, SM Bay Pasay


Pasig Central

2/F Javier Bldg. cor Mabini & Elcalde Sts Kapasigan, Pasig


G/F Gaisano Bldg. 88 Shaw Blvd., Oranbo Kapitolyo, Pasig


SM East Ortigas

2/F SM City East Ortigas, Ortigas Ave Ext Ortigas, Pasig


G/F Hanston Bldg., Ruby Road Ortigas, Pasig


Hanston Square

G/F Unit 9 Hanston Square Bldg. Goldloop Drive Ortigas, Pasig


Ayala Malls Feliz

3/F Ayala Malls Feliz, Marcos Highway cor JP Rizal St Santolan, Pasig

Ortigas Extension

G/F One Oasis Hub A, Unit L111, Ortigas Extension Ave. Sta. Lucia, Pasig


SM Center Pasig

SM Center Pasig, Frontera Verde C5 Ave Ugong, Pasig

Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

G/F Ever Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth Ave Commonwealth, Quezon City

Ali Mall

LG/F Ali Mall Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City


SM Fairview

2/F SM Fairview Greater Lagro, Quezon City


#75 D Regalado Ave., Fairviewpark Subd. Greater Fairview, Quezon City


SM Fairview

LG/F SM Fairview Greater Lagro, Quezon City



G/F 5A Orchard Rd., One Orchard Rd. Eastwood Ave Libis, Quezon City


311 Katipunan Ave Loyola Heights, Quezon City

St. Lukes QC

G/F Dona Anita Bldg., E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave Mariana, Quezon City


2/F Luwel Bldg. Quirino Hi-way cor Asuncion St., Lagro Novaliches, Quezon City


Savemore Novaliches

Shop 4, SM Savemore Novaliches, Gen. Luis St. Novaliches, Quezon City


SM Novaliches

2/F SM Novaliches, Quirino Highway Novaliches, Quezon City

Tandang Sora

UG/F Berkely Square, Commonwealth Ave. Old Balara, Quezon City



5/F SM North EDSA, The Annex Quezon City



5/F SM North EDSA, The Block Quezon City


90 Kamias Road, corner K-K Kamias Quezon City



G/F One Joroma Place, San Beda Ave cor Congressional Ave Quezon City



2/F SM North EDSA, Main Bldg. Quezon City


Robinsons Novaliches

2/F Space 10 Quirino Ave Quezon City

Don Antonio

Unit A Blk. 3 Lot 9 Brgy. Holy Spirit, Don Antonio Heights Quezon City


566 Samat St., cor Banawe St Quezon City

Trinoma Mall

G/F Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor North Ave Quezon City

Robinsons Galleria Ortigas

3/F East Lane, Robinson's Galleria Quezon City


Mindanao Ave

179 Mindanao Ave Quezon City

Timog Ave

Unit 17 A Lansdale Bldg. Mother Ignacia St. Timog, Quezon City


2/F Shoppesville Arcade Greenhills, San Juan

San Juan

G/F Gualcon Bldg., 128 F. Blumentritt St San Juan

Market! Market!

3/F Market! Market! Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Burgos Circle

Unit C G/F Crescent Park Residences, 2nd Ave. cor 30th St., Burgos Circle Fort Bonifacio, Taguig


Fort Bonifacio

G/F Lot 2 Blk 88 Phase 5 Bayani Road Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Vista Mall Taguig

2/F Vista Mall, Camella Taguig Rd Tuktukan, Taguig

SM Grace Mall

G/F Grace Mall, Levi Mariano St Ususan, Taguig

Starmall Taguig

2/F Starmall Taguig, Cayetano Ave Ususan, Taguig


SM Masinag

UG/F SM Masinag, 93 Marikina-Infanta Hwy Antipolo, Rizal


SM Valenzuela

LG/F SM Valenzuela, McArthur Highway Karuhatan Valenzuela


Bay Ave., New Geege Megamall, Burgos cor. Pingol Sts Ozamis


SM Cagayan de Oro

G/F SM Cagayan de Oro, Upper Carmen Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

SM CDO Downtown Premier

4/F SM CDO Downtown Premier, Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental

SM Cauayan

SM Cauayan, Asian Highway Cauayan, Isabela


2/F CU Bldg. Maharlika Hi-way Cauayan, Isabela


Robinsons Santiago

2/F Robinsons's Place Santiago, Mabini Santiago, Isabela

SM Cabanatuan

3/F SM Cabanatuan, Maharlika Highway Cabanatuan


San Jose

2/F Rafael Amparo Bldg., Bonifacio St San Jose, Nueva Ecija


LNA Panaligan Bldg. JP Rizal St. San Vicente Calapan, Mindoro


SM Puerto Princesa

2/F SM Puerto Princesa, Malvar cor. Lacao Puerto Princesa, Palawan


G/F ARL Bldg. Rizal Ave. Puerto Princesa, Palawan


SM Clark

G/F SM Clark Angeles, Pampanga


2/F Rafael Bldg., 1 Sto Rosario St., Brgy. Sto. Domingo Angeles, Pampanga

SM Telabastagan

SM Telabastagan, Mac Arthur Highway San Fernando, Pampanga


2/F Diamond Bldg.. Mc Arthur Hi-way San Fernando, Pampanga


2/F Ocampo's Bldg., Plaza Burgos Guagua, Pampanga


SM Pampanga

2/F SM Pampanga Mexico, Pampanga


SM Rosales

G/F SM City Rosales Rosales, Pangasinan

SM Urdaneta

2/F SM Urdaneta, MacArthur Highway Urdaneta, Pangasinan


SM Lucena

2/F SM Lucena Lucena, Quezon

Robinsons Antipolo

UG/F A-204 Robinson's Place Antipolo Dela Paz, Antipolo


Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

2/F Sta. Lucia East Grandmall Cainta, Rizal


Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

2/F Phase 3 Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal Cainta, Rizal


Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

G/F Phase 1 Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal Cainta, Rizal


Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

G/F Phase 1, Sta. Lucia East Grandmall Cainta, Rizal


SM San Mateo

3/F SM San Mateo Gen. A Luna Ave. Brgy. Ampid 1 San Mateo Rizal San Mateo, Rizal


SM Taytay

Basement 1, SM Taytay, Bldg B Taytay, Rizal

General Santos

#332 2/F KCC Mall of Gensan, J. Catolico Sr. Ave General Santos


Zati's Place., Rizal St., Surigao City Surigao del Norte

Walter Mart Concepcion

G/F Waltermart Concepcion Alfonso, Tarlac


G/F Arlene's Inn, R. Magsaysay Ave Olongapo

SM Olongapo

3/F SM Olongapo, RM Drive Cor Gordon Ave, Pag-asa Olongapo, Zambales

Harbor Point

1136 CBD Area Harbor Point Mall, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Olongapo, Zambales


469 Gen. Luna, Brgy., Estaka Dipolog



UG-18 Gaisano Capital Mall Pagadian