Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio City

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  • Recommended Dishes

  • House Specials

    • Ribs Platter Family

      Baguio Craft Brewery's grilled fall off-the bone ribs, basted with Zigzagger beer BBQ sauce, accompanied with Cajun spiced shrimp, juicy corn on the cob & crispy fries


    • Ribs Platter Solo

      Half pack ribs basted with Zigzagger beer BBQ sauce, served with juicy corn on the cob and crispy fries


    • Premium Sausage Platter

      A platter of premium sausages (Hungarian, Schublig, Kielbasa), Bruschetta, caramelized onion, cheese and grainy mustard


    • Stinky Big Dane

      Ground beef patty stuffed with jalapeno and bleu cheese. Served with crispy fries


    • Pulled Pork Muffins

      Served on a bed of toasted English muffin, topped with diced green apples & sour cream sauce, a side of cabbage & apple slaw, and crispy fries


  • Rice Meals

    • Chicken Inasal

      Beer marinated chicken thighs, grilled and served with roasted vegetables and rice


    • Smoked Pork Belly

      Home smoked pork belly, deep fried and glazed with our special barbecue sauce. Served with rice and grilled vegetable


  • Pub Grubs

    • Beef Nachos

      Nacho chips overloaded with beef, cheese and vegetables. Served with our in-house garlic sauce and salsa


    • Chicken Quesadillas

      Homemade tortillas filled with grilled chicken and fresh vegetables


    • Stout Isaw

      Our very version of Isaw, marinated with stout beer, grilled and topped with corn salsa


      Whole Serving 280.00

      Half Serving 150.00

    • Yakitori

      Skewer of marinated chicken cubes and vegetables, grilled and glazed with special barbecue sauce


      Whole Serving 320.00

      Half Serving 180.00

    • Buffalo Wings

      Classic chicken wings, deep fried to perfection coated with our special spicy buffalo sauce. Served with housemade bleu cheese dip and vegetable sticks


    • Crispy Ruffles

      Deep fried pork ruffles, spiced and served with Pinakurat.


      Whole Serving 320.00

      Half Serving 160.00

    • Salt and Pepper Wings with Chips

      A less spicy alternative to our buffalo wings, chicken wings deep fried, seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper.


    • Fish and Chips

      Beer battered dory fish, deep fried to crisp and served with potato fries. Accompanied with tartar, ketchup and our very own Pinakurat


      Whole Serving 320.00

      Half Serving 160.00

    • Fish Tacos

      A trio of soft tortilla with grilled spiced dory fish on a bed of fresh sliced lettuce topped with fresh chopped tomato, onion and cilantro. Best served with our housemade salsa


    • Pork Canitas

      Spiced pulled pork on a bed of soft tortilla shell topped with fresh vegetables


    • Chicken Skin

      Chicken skin marinated with throat-cutter beer deep-fried to crisp and seasoned well. Served with Pinakurat dressing


      Whole Serving 300.00

      Half Serving 140.00