Bakmi Nyonya Buendia Food by the Court

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Location and Contact
  • Buendia Food by the Court, Sen. G. Puyat Ave cor Bautista & Finlandia St, Makati
  • Open M-Su: 5PM-12MN
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  • Appetizer

    • Batagor

      FIsh Siomai, Fish tofu, Potato egg, Peanut Sauce

    • Siomay

      Shrimp-Pork (3pcs.) or Fish (2pcs.)

    • Bakso Kuah

      Beef Ball Soup

  • Grills

    • Ayam Bakar

      Heirloom recipe Grilled Chicken

    • Sate Ayam

      Chicken Satay


      5 sticks

    • Sate Babi

      Pork Satay


      5 sticks

  • Signature

    • Bakmi Ayam

      Tossed Noodles, Bokchoy Leeks, Pickle, Chicken & Mushroom & Sides Soup

    • Bakmi Sapi

      Braised Beef

    • Bakmi Udang

      Shrimp Cake

    • Bakmi Babi

      Pork & Mushroom

  • Goreng Specials

    • Nasi Goreng

      Indonesian Fried Rice

    • Bakmi Goreng

      Stir-Fried Noodles

  • Indonesian Classics

    • Beef Rendang

      Beef Shimmered in Rich Coconut Milk and 12 Indonesian spices for 8 hours

    • Ayam Goreng

      Succulent Fried Chicken marinated in Turmeric & other spices

    • Opor Ayam

      Chicken with Coconut gravy in Calanggal & Lemon Grass

    • Kari Ayam

      Indonesia Chicken Curry

    • Cumi Rica

      Spicy Baby Squid in Lemongrass

  • Dessert

    • Es Teller

      Avocado, Jack Fruit, Coconut meat & Palm Nuts in Special Syrup with Crushed Ice

    • Pulot Hitam

      Black Glutinous Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk sauce