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  • Pilates

    • Individual Pilates Equipment Training

      The Reformer is the main piece of Pilates equipment that will be used in these sessions due to its versatility. More than 100 exercises can be performed using the Reformer. Other equipment used are the Trapeze table, wunda chair, and a variety of barrels. All together, a total of 500 distinct and effective exercises can be performed on these machines. (per hour)


    • Group Pilates Mat Classes

      Classes range from Beginners to Advanced levels with a maximum class size of 15 people. This mat based class uses gravity as resistance and a variety of small props to create an effective, invigorating and enjoyable class!


      Beginner/Multi-level/Intermediate (Per Session 750.00/Package Rate 8 Sessions 4000.00)

      Advanced (Per Session 800.00/Package Rate 8 Sessions 5000.00)

    • Prenatal Pilates Mat Classes

      Deemed as one of the best forms of exercise for an expectant mother, Pilates can help women cope with the constant changes of her growing body. Exercises are modified to suit each client's fitness level and capability. Benefits to exercising while pregnant include maintaining strength to ensure easier labor and delivery, keeping weight gain slow and steady, as well as increasing recovery post partum. Classes (with a maximum class size of 10 people) can accommodate pregnant ladies from the first to the third trimester. Before beginning any exercise regiment while pregnant, please consult with your doctor. Balanced Body Studio requires a written clearance prior to or on your first day of class.


      Per Session 800.00

      Package Rate (4 Sessions) 2600.00

    • Allegro Classes

      The Allegro machine is a foldable Pilates Reformer. This class puts together a selection of the most effective reformer exercises to create a fun yet challenging total body conditioning workout. The group class has a maximum size of 10 people. (per hour)


  • Gyrotonic / Gyrokinesis

    • Individual Gyrotonic Training

      Gyrotonic makes use of equipment such as the Pulley Tower Combination Unit, Jumping Board, Ladder, and Gyrotoner. Gyrotonic equipment are fully adjustable to meet the needs of any body type and fitness level and are designed in such a way as to offer complete freedom of movement, unlike conventional exercise equipment where linear or isolated movement patterns are performed and tend to jar beginning and end movements where most injuries occur. (per hour)


    • Group Gyrokinesis Classes

      Gyrokinesis consists of a stool and mat series. The class begins with self massage and simple breathing patterns while seated on a stool to awaken the body, followed by movements to mobilize the spine through a series of arching, curling, bending, twisting, and spiraling. Movement patterns emphasize expansion to release the joints in all possible directions. Maximum class size is 15 people.


      Per Session 750.00

      Package Rate (8 Sessions) 4000.00

  • Other Classes

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Aero-Sculpt Classes

      Balanced Body Studio also offers Aero-Sculpt classes, which are popular among clients looking for an intense, heart pumping, and cardiovascular workout. Classes incorporate aerobics and free weights, designed to make you look and feel great, as well as burn calories in this high-energy one-hour session. The group class has a maximum size of 12 people.