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Tradition meets relaxation at Balay Hilom Spa. Leave all of your modern-day troubles and stresses behind and recharge with Balay Hilom's traditional touch of Filipino comfort and technique.


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  • Traditional Massages


    • Hilot Balay Hilom

      With every hagod, inat and diin, our signature deep tissue massage increases blood circulation, improves breathing, and frees your body from lamig, helping rid you of stress and leaving you feeling revitalized


      70 mins 450.00

      100 mins 650.00

    • Kisig Amuma

      A combination of biomagnetic warmth and the gentle flow of agos (downstream) and salunga (up-stream) strokes, this Visayan interpretation of Swedish massage principles relieves tense muscles, soothes the mind and relaxes you body


      70 mins 450.00

      100 mins 650.00

    • Diing Pang-alay

      Balay Hilom's southern Filipino interpretation of reflexology and acupressure, drawing much from the Tausug "fingernail" dance and martial arts kontaw silat, is an interplay of pressure and manipulation of the reflex points, stimulating the nerves and leaving you with an overall holistic rejuvenation


      70 mins 500.00

      100 mins 700.00

  • Indigenous Remedies


    • Hilot Suob

      Before treating yourself to hilot, relax and let your body adrift in our steam therapy of select herbs and medicinal leaves as its collective curative elements expel unwanted toxins throughout your body's respiratory system, allowing your body to truly breathe



      100 mins

    • Hilot Bentosa

      Our take on the traditional "fire cups" aims to restore your body's harmonious balance of cool and warm elements. Feel tension melt away as the careful application of banana leaves and bentosa cups gently draw out your body's energy imbalance, leaving your mind and body flow as one



      100 mins

    • Hilot Bato

      With the use of heated stones to tend to lamig spots, Hilot Bato eases your muscles into a state of total relaxation - the heat penetrating deep into your body, as if gently cradling it to sleep with the caring comfort of warmth's embrace



      100 mins

    • Dagdagay

      After soaking your feet in holok or herbs, the dagdagay follows the principles of acupressure, wherein we use two runos (rattan sticks) to stimulate the nerve endings of the sole up until the legs in order to treat kimminal (muscle cramps) and gang-ngo (rheumatism) and to cleanse and rejuvenate your legs after a hard day's work



      50 mins

  • Lingap ng mga Isla - Luzon

    • Alay kay Makanunggan (Offering to Makanunggan)

      (Ifugao, Banaue) Dagdagay + Tal-talad-tad + Dinalisay ni Bul-ul (Rice Scrub). Alay kay Makanunggan is a complete treatment fit foot a god - a nourishing rice scrub. Dinalisay ni Bul-ul, the dagdagay to stimulate your sole, and the tal-talad-tad (hilot in Ifugao) to remove the lamig


    • Linggop Aligayon (Aligayon's Tranquility)

      (Ifugao, Banaue) Dagdagay + Hilot. Linggop Aligayon, a mixture of soothing rhythmic strokes of the traditional hilot and the kneading ritual of dagdagay, promises a rejuvenating tribute for a warrior in the metro


    • Aplos Bagbato (Bagbato Massage)

      Bontoc, Mountain Province. Aplos Bato + Dinalisay na Presas (Strawberry Scrub). The ritual of Aplos Bagbagto begins with the sweet, exfoliating Dinalisay na Presas, followed by a full aplos (hilot ni Bontoc), and capped of with hot stones softly landing on your back to relieve muscle tension


    • Handog ni Lam-ang (Lam-ang's Offering)

      (Ilocano, Ilocos) Dagdagay + Hilot Suob. Remember when you were first told of the story of Lam-ang of the North? Take a nostalgic journey beginning with the dagdagay, honoring the warrior's devotion to his father, followed by Hilot Suob, recalling how he emerged from the sea after the battle - a complete, rejuvenating treatment after a tiring battle


  • Lingap ng mga Isla-Visayas

    • Hele ng Alon (Lullaby of the Waves)

      (West Philippine Sea) Hilot Bentosa + Dagdagay + Dinalisay na Kalawag(Ginger and Orange Scrub). Hele ng Alon is a lullaby of restorative rituals, including the dagdagay from the North, Hilot Bentosa from the Sangleys, and the Dinalisay na Kalawag from the Southern Sultanate - recommended for those who sit to wander through the best-kept healing secrets of the islands


    • Gintong Ati (Ati's Gold)

      (Ati, Panay & Guimaras) Elot + Pikong Dinalisay (Mango Scrub). With our Gintong Ali, you can close your eyes and wander the beaches of Western Visayas with the soothing stroked and kneads of elot (hilot ni Ati) and the refreshing mango scrub Pikong Dinalisay


    • Kutis Alunsina (Alunsina's Beauty)

      (Sulod, Panay) Kisig Amuma + Muscovadong Dinalisay (Sugar Scrub). Be the object of desire with sun-kissed Kutis Alunsina through our sweetly exfoliating Muscovadong Dinalisay and the gentle waves of Kisig Amuma


  • Lingap ng mga Isla-Mindanao

    • Hango Talindaw (Inspired by the Talindaw)

      (Badjao, Tawi-Tawi) Hilot Bato + Dagdagay + Dinalisay na Agal Agal (Seaweed Scrub). Our Hango Talindaw takes you body to a seafaring voyage with Hilot Bato, relieving muscle pains and knots, the North's dagdagay, focusing on your lower extremities, and a refreshing Dinalisay na Agal Agal to replenish your skin


    • Hilot Boklug (Boklug Massage)

      (Subanon, Zamboanga del Norte) Group Massage. Whether for a long-awaited special occasion, or a spur of the moment cause, celebrate your friendship or seal a pact like the Subanons through Hilot Baklug, our very own group package paying homage to bonds built across any platform (by reservation only)

    • Arugang Diwata (Goddess' Care)

      (Manobo) Diing Pang-alay + Pepino't Milong Dinalisay (Cucumber & Melon Scrub) Aruga Diwata is a blend of Diing Pang-akay's careful yet precise kneads to remove harsh lamig spots and of Pepino't Milong Dinalisay's rejuvenating exfoliation to leave you fully renewed after a long adventure under the sun