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  • Skin Services

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

      Our Promise: Deeply Clean and Hydrated Skin. This facial includes cleansing, facial scrub, steam, removal of blackheads and whiteheads, facial mask and finish with a moisturizing Vitamin C Cream. Benefits: Lightens the skin, Smoothens and softens the skin. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: All skin types, acne/pimple prone skin.

    • Kahilom Relaxing Facial

      The Kahilom Relaxing Facial is a pampering facial treatment that enlivens the five senses of our body for a more glowing and radiant skin. Benefits: Refreshens the skin, Removes dead skin cells, Smoothens and softens the skin, Relieves stress.

    • Oxygen Intensive Treatment

      Our Promise: A Fresh and Rejuvenated Skin. This treatment is infused with the power of OXYGEN and natural extracts which gives life to our cells. It also helps fight free radical damage with vitamins and antioxidants that gives brighter and more youthful complexion. Benefit: Hydrates the skin to give it a healthy and glowing effect. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: Normal, dry, sensitive and combination skin.

    • Bio Dermal Repair (BDR)

      Our Promise: A Rejuvenated, Clear, Smoother and Younger Looking Skin. This innovative treatment rejuvenates the skin, as well as lightens pigmentation and post pimple marks through a unique combination of chemical and mechanical peeling as well as micro needling technique with instant beautiful results and no downtime. Benefits: Micropeeling and Dermabrasion, Microneedling and Serum, Rejuvenating Facial Massage. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: All skin types, aging, pigmentation, open pores and acne scars.

  • Whitening Facials

    • Biolite Essential Facial

      Our Promise: A Bright and Glowing Whiter Skin. This brightening treatment combines the latest innovations in skin lightening technology that promote cell regeneration to help dull, tired or pigmented skin. Benefits: Lightens pigmentations and post pimple marks, Helps rejuvenate the skin. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: Normal, dry, combination, oily skin with pigmentation and post pimple marks.

    • Diamond Peel Facial

      Our Promise: Clean, Smooth and Supple Skin. An effective skin renewal treatment that removes dead flaky skin and stimulates the production of fresh, young skin and collagen using diamond crystals. Benefits: Lightens pigmentation and post-pimple marks, Rejuvenates the skin. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: Normal, dry, combination, oily pigmentation, post pimple marks.

    • Oxygen Ceuticals Intensilite Treatment

      Our Promise: A healthy bright oxygen infused supple skin. The Oxygen Intensilite Treatment facial can help dull, uneven skin tone and texture by using Encapsulated Oxygen that penetrates deep into the skin. Benefits: Helps inhibit melanin to minimize skin discoloration, dark spots, Improves and even out skin tone, Creates healthy glow. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: Dry, sensitive skin with pigmentation, and post pimple marks.

  • Anti-Ageing Facials

    • Advanced Clarifying Facial with Eye Treatment

      Our Promise: Healthy, Younger looking skin. This anti aging facial treatment combats and firms sagging and tired skin, lightens dark circles around the eyes, protects the natural moisture of the skin and makes your skin supple with the use of collagen. Benefits: Delays the signs of aging, Reduces dark circles around eye area, Gives the skin great hydration. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: Normal, dry and combination skin types that are sensitive with premature fine lines and wrinkles.

    • Celthera Face

      Our Promise: An instant skin lifting without surgery and no downtime. Next generation of HIFU SYSTEM (High Intensive Focused Ultrasound) for contouring, lifting and tightening. Fast, safe and effective. Benefits: Creates a multi-layered tightening, Lifting and firming effect. Duration: Depends on the area to be treated. Indication: Dry, combination skin with premature fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and double chin.

    • Therma-Lift

      Our Promise: A tight and taut skin for a healthy and youthful glow. A facial treatment that uses Radio Frequency machine which stimulates collagen production using electrical energy which heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissues to help rejuvenate skin cells and improve skin condition and produce new collagen. Benefits: Delays signs of aging, Reduces dark circles around the eye area, Hydrates the skin as it lifts and firms. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: Dry combination, sagging skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

    • Oxygen Caviar Protein Treatment

      Our Promise: A luxuriously healthy, younger looking and rejuvenated skin. One of the most luxurious facials you can have and is also one of the absolute best ways to nourish your skin as Caviar helps in collagen production and is rich in vitamins and minerals, including Omega-3 fatty acids that help make the skin glow. Benefits: Repairs fine lines and wrinkles, Reduces dark circles around the eye area, Hydrates the skin, Creates a healthy glow. Duration: 2 Hours. Indication: Dry, combination skin with premature sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Acne Facials

    • Acne Purifying Facial

      The Acne Purifying Facial is specifically designed for acne-prone skin. With the use of products with tea tree oil, this treatment lessens the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the skin, reduces inflammation, and controls the over-production of oil glands which may lead to acne or pimple. Benefits: Dries up active pimples, Controls oiliness of the skin, Minimizes open pores.

    • Oxygen Purifying Wintergreen Treatment

      Our Promise: A Fresh and Rejuvenated Skin. A premium facial treatment which uses Oxygen Ceuticals Purifying Wintergreen products that purifies the pores while soothing the skin. It contains botanical extracts to calm the skin and help in the healing process. It contains Wintergreen leaves which are naturally rich in salicylic acid. Benefits: Smoothens and calm the skin, Prevents acne formation. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: Oily, acne/pimple prone skin.

  • Others

    • Puriplasma Underarm Whitening Treatment

      Our Promise: A clear, even toned underarm. Guaranteed effective and safe underarm treatment using plasma energy that purifies and rejuvenates the skin. Benefits: Helps lighten dark underarm. Duration: 30 Minutes. Indication: Dark underarms.

  • Warts Treatment

    • Painless Warts Removal

      Our Promise: A warts free, clear and smooth skin. A safe and painless warts removal treatment using Electrocautery machine that effectively removes warts caused by Papilloma Virus. Benefits: Warts free, Smoother and Lighter skin. Duration: Minimum 1 Hour, depends on the severity of the warts condition. Indication: All skin types, Warts.


    • Liposome Treatment

      Our Promise: A relaxing way to break unwanted fats. A warm body wrap which helps to flush out fluid retention and lose unwanted inches of the entire body with sauna and a slimming cream. Benefits: Makes the skin soft and supple, Increases blood circulation, Flushes out fluid retention. Duration: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes.

    • Seaweed Enzyme Activation Treatment (S.W.E.A.T.)

      Our Promise: A relaxed, detoxified and refreshed body. This treatment helps detoxify the body using a seaweed mixture which contains vitamins and minerals and a thermal blanket that produces heat to remove excess fluid. Benefits: Helps remove excess fluids, Speeds up metabolism, Nourishes and smoothens the skin texture, Increases blood circulation. Duration: 15 Minutes application on body, 30 Minutes Cocoone. Indication: Anti-Cellulite, For inch loss, weight loss, saggy/flabby skin, and for stressed body and skin.

    • Celluwave

      Our Promise: A target specific detoxed body. This treatment is done focusing on a specific problem area which uses micro-current & massage strokes to loosen fat deposits, prevent formation of cellulite and eliminate water retention. Benefits: Increases blood circulation, Dissolved fatty cells (Lypolysis), Lymphatic drainage of toxic materials, Relief from muscle pain, Activates metabolism. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: Anti-Cellulite, inch loss, weight loss, and saggy/flabby skin.


    • Vibratrim

      Our Promise: A fat-free renewed body. This treatment uses mechanical vibratory massage which helps to breakdown stubborn fats and cellulites. Benefits: Breakdown fat deposits, Increased blood circulation, Relaxed muscles, Increased elimination of waste products, Softened area of stubborn fats. Duration: 45 minutes gliding all over the body. Indication: With stubborn fats, with cellulites, and fatigue.

    • Ultralipo

      Our Promise: Reduced appearance of fat deposits from the body. This non-invasive treatment which uses ultrasound waves reaching up to the subcutaneous layer of the skin that helps in liquefaction / reduction of localized fat deposits. (Per area). Benefits: Increased blood circulation, Dissolves the fatty cells (Lipolysis), Lymphatic drainage of toxic materials, Relief from muscle pain, Activated metabolism. Duration: 1.5 Hours. Indication: For break down of fat for better and easier body sculpting and toning.

    • Cellulite Massage

      Our Promise: Reduced cellulite appearance and detoxed body. This deep tissue massage (manual vibratory massage) uses mostly knuckles, which helps to break lumps, bulges and cellulites. Benefits: Breaks down fat deposits, Increases blood circulation, Relaxes and releases muscle tension, Increases elimination of waste products, Reduces muscle pain. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: Stubborn fats, cellulite breakdown and fatigue.


    • Faradic Treatment

      Our Promise: A tight and toned body. This whole body non-invasive treatment uses electrical energy stimulating the muscles which results to tightening and toning of sagging tissues, this 30 minutes of treatment is equal to 150 sit ups. Benefits: Toned and firm sagging tissues, Reduced bulge on tummy, Reduced muscle or back pain. Duration: 30 Minutes. Indication: Sagging tissues, back pain or muscular problem, after severe weight loss or after giving birth of 8-12 months, and fluid retention on the legs.

    • RF Thermoshape

      Our Promise: A firm and toned body. This toning treatment uses Radio Frequency which stimulates collagen production using electrical energy while heating the dermis and subcutaneous tissues from (40-45 degrees) without inflicting any damages to the epidermis. Benefits: Increased blood circulation, Dissolve the fatty cell (Lipolysis), Lymphatic drainage of toxic materials, Relieved muscle pain, Activated metabolism, Regenerated skin. Duration: 30-45 Minutes. Indication: Good for cellulite and excess fluid, helps improve lymph flow of the body, and firing up saggy tissue.

    • Celthera Elite Body

      Our Promise: Toned, sculpt body without surgery and no downtime. This non-invasive body shaping treatment targets the SMAS layer to produce a tightening and contouring effect. The unwanted fats are melt through the lymphatic drainage system to easily detoxify the body by means of proper excretion, urine or perspiration. Benefits: No downtime, Contour and tighten up saggy tissue, 2-4cm loss after the treatment, Fat thickness reduction is usually seen within the first 14-28 days post treatment. Duration: 30-45 Minutes. Indication: Saggy tissues, for contouring different problem body area.

  • Spa

    • Intensive Body Polish

      Our Promise: A total body refresher. This is a luxurious exfoliating and conditioning body treatment helps improve your complexion. An elegant concoction of spa crystals and flavored scrub are opulently combined with pampering and relaxing massage which enhances blood circulation that promotes a healthy glowing skin. Benefits: Lightens and rejuvenates, softens and smoothens the skin. Duration: 2 Hours. Indication: Dry skin, uneven skin tone.

    • Body Scrub

      Our Promise: Clean, soft and supple skin. This total cleansing and toning treatment involves traditional massage with spa crystals and gel mixture that cleanses the skin and removes ageing dead skin cells and excess oils that clog the pores. If done regularly, it will help keep skin smooth. Benefits: Improves skin texture, Lightens and smoothens the skin, Increases blood circulation, Relaxes nerves & muscles. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: Rough skin, uneven skin tone, dry skin.

    • Body Polish

      Our Promise: A smooth, supple and nourished healthy body. This process is a luxuriously conditioning body treatment that improves the skin complexion. This treatment is an ideal spa treat that is great for the improvement of blood circulation and skin tone. Benefits: Lightens, rejuvenates, soften and smoothen the skin. Duration: 2 Hours. Indication: Dry skin, uneven skin tone.

  • Spa / massage

    • Combination Massage

      Our Promise: Rejuvenation with relaxation for the whole body. The Combination Massage is a full body massage that combines Swedish and Shiatsu strokes (pressure points) to support and strengthen the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. Benefits: Increased cardiovascular circulation and lymphatic flow, Tones the musculoskeletal system, Enhance the metabolism, Tones the skin, Promotes relaxation / general feeling of wellness. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: For pain on shoulder and back and stress relief.

    • Pahuway Massage

      Our Promise: A stress free and relaxed body. This full body massage uses natural oils and focuses on improving the circulation of blood, lymph nodes and relaxation of superficial muscles by means of rubbing, stroking, kneading and tapotement. Benefits: Increased cardiovascular circulation and lymphatic flow, Tones the musculoskeletal system, Enhances the metabolism, Tones the skin, Promotes relaxation / general feeling of wellness. Duration: 1 Hour whole body massage, 10-15 minutes sauna. Indication: For pain on shoulder and back and stress relief.

    • Foot Reflexology

      Our Promise: A relaxed and balanced body. This special massage stimulates the reflex points on the feet by applying pressure using thumb, finger and hand techniques to promote the natural capability of body to bring its system into a state of balance. Benefits: Balances the body system, Cleanses the body system, Improves circulation, Stimulates the organ into full function. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: For leg and foot pain, muscle soreness of calf area.

    • Hot Stone Massage

      Our Promise: A pampered, relaxed and detoxified body. This wonderful treatment with a warm volcanic stones uses hot steam, designed for cleaning and freshening the body through heat that promotes perspiration which is good for detoxification. Benefits: Increase cardiovascular circulation and lymphatic flow, Tones the musculoskeletal system, Enhance the metabolism, Tones the skin, Promotes relaxation/general feeling of wellness. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: For deep pressure concentrating on whole back.

    • Digitox Massage

      Our Promise: A refreshed body and face from digital stress. This one of a kind massage uses a special facial oil focusing on the face, neck, head and arms that targets tired eyes, jaw tension and tight neck muscle for those who are constantly using digital gadgets, computers, and other gadgets. It includes an infusion of oxygen along the hair line that promotes hydration and rejuvenation of hair and scalp. Benefits: Makes you relax through the use of a special blend of face oil, Increases blood circulation on neck, shoulder and hand, Promotes well being and relaxation of mind and body. Duration: 1 Hour. Indication: For neck and shoulder pain, hand to arm muscle spasm.