Bistro Madrid by Terry's Forbes Town Center

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  • Cold Appetizers

    • Spanish Cold Cuts & Cheese Platter

      Jamon Serrano, Chorizo Pamplona, Salchichon de Vic, Manchego, Mahon and Arzua Ulloa


      Good for sharing (100g) 445.00

    • Jamon de Teruel D.O., Gran Reserva

      (Aragon) Carved upon order


      100g 550.00

    • Jamon Iberico Montaraz

      Castilla Leon


      80g 730.00

    • Fresh Oysters, Shucked as You Order

      (Galicia) Served with our homemade delectable lemony sauce


      4pcs 390.00

    • Boquerones en Vinagre

      (Andalucia) Enhanced with Spanish green olive oil, chopped garlic and parsley


  • Warm Tapas & Pinchos

    • Crunchy Gambas with Escabeche Sauce

      (Andalucia) Deep fried sea shrimps served with an onion and garlic sauce enriched with a touch of vinegar


    • Chopi-Fritos

      (Madrid) A classic appetizer of deep fried baby squid -chopitos- sprinkled with melted cheese, accompanied with vinegar escabeche sauce


    • Oysters and Rioja Pancetta Dumplings

      (Rioja) Fresh oysters wrapped in Alejandro Pancetta, deep-fried in wonton pouches


      4pcs 410.00

    • Croquetas De Jamon Iberico Cinco Jotas

      (Andalucia) Bechamel croquettes stuffed with freshly carved Jamon Iberico


      4pcs 395.00

    • Croquetas De Jamon Serrano Pollo Y Setas Silvestres

      (Cataluna) A creamy bechamel croquette made with Jamon Serrano, organic chicken and wild mushrooms


      4pcs 395.00

    • Croquetas de Gambas Al Ajillo

      (Castilla) Gambas al Ajillo bound with creamy bechamel


      4pcs 395.00

  • Soups

    • Tomato-Pumpkin

      (Andalucia) Sprinkled with cheese shavings and croutons


    • Sopa de Ajo

      (Castilla-Leon) In Spanish Cuisine, -Sopa de Ajo- is the authentic garlic soup made with eggs poached in chicken stock enriched with slightly fried country bread and Jamon Serrano


    • Sopa de Bacalao a La Porrusalda

      (Pais Vasco) Born as a hearty fish and vegetable soup flavored with centuries of San Sebastian traditions. The exceptional recipe, enhanced with Islandic codfish was inspired by Spanish Three-Star Michelin Chef Martin Berasategui. Another Bistro Madrid creation


    • Valencian Seafood Soup

      (Valencia) A creamy soup with shrimps, mussels, squid and fish fillet with a pleasant touch of Spanish saffron


  • Salads

    • The Fisherman Salad

      Shrimps, fresh tuna, beetroot, potato cubes, Romaine lettuce, and Andalusian olives bathed with your choice of anchovy sauce or garlic mayo


    • The Farmer's Garden

      Reds and greens, chickpeas -garbanzos-, corn, hard-boiled egg and nuts tossed in our Sherry-Balsamic vinaigrette showered with young Manchego shavings


    • Madrid-Barcelona

      Your two-city journey in a dish. Grilled chicken, greens, hydroponic tomatoes and Salchichon de Vic tossed with our Sierra-de-Madrid goat cheese dressing


  • Seafood Specialties

    • Bounty of the Sea

      Sole fillet, pan seared or tempurized on a bed of ?All-i-oli? potatoes


    • "Marmitako" Basque Tuna Belly Stew

      JC Terry?s version of a symbol of San Sebastian cuisine which was long ago baptized as ?Marmitako? by the local fishermen


    • Calamares Rellenos En Su Tinta

      Stuffed squid cooked in squid ink sauce. A legacy of Madrid?s famous VIUDA DE VACAS family restaurant since 1903


  • Meat Specialties

    • Chicken "Salpicao"

      The original Spanish-Portuguese recipe. Chicken chunks and garlic slivers sauteed in extra virgin olive oil bathed in our very own ?Salpicao? Sauce. Served with your choice of steamed, garlic rice or fried potatoes


    • Black Angus "Salpicao"

      Tender chunks of USDA Prime Black Angus Rib Eye and garlic slivers sauteed in extra virgin olive oil bathed in our very own ?Salpicao? Sauce. Served with steamed or garlic rice


    • Lengua a La Andaluza

      Ox Tongue cooked in a subtle dry sherry wine sauce with mushrooms and green ?Manzanilla? olives from Andalusia


    • Cochi-Frito

      Small chunks of cochinillo confit, seasoned and deep fried to perfection. This dish derives its name ?cochi?, short for cochino (pig), and ?frito?, which means fried. Served with our one of its kind sauce-trio


    • Albondigas de La Tia Merche

      (Andalucia) Meat balls cooked in Jamon Iberico sauce. A classic from the Jabugo region in Huelva, Spain


      4pcs 395.00

    • Pork Tenderloin with Sobrassada "All-i-oli"

      (Islas Baleares) Pork medallions wrapped in Pancetta Alejandro accompanied by mashed potatoes with Mahon cheese and Sobrassada ?All-i-oli?


    • Lamb Shank in Chilindron Sauce

      (Aragon) Chilindron is a Spanish culinary symbol from the Aragon region, dominated by roasted red peppers, shallots, paprika, Jamon Serrano, olive oil, and a full-bodied red wine reduction. Another Bistro Madrid must try


  • Sizzling in Olive Oil&Garlic

    • Tuna Belly Al Ajillo


    • Gambas Al Ajillo


    • Artichokes & Jamon Serrano Al Ajillo


    • Gulas Al Ajillo


    • Chicken Cutlets Al Ajillo


    • Button Mushrooms & Jamon Serrano Al Ajillo


  • Eggs

    • Huevos Rotos

      (Extremadura) Organic eggs on a hearty tomato-basil sauce with crunchy slices of Jamon Serrano topped with Mahon cheese. A delightful culinary symbol of the Extremadura region


    • Duelos Quebrantos Omelette

      (Castilla La Mancha) Hearty omelette made of organic eggs, shoe-string potatoes, aged pancetta from Rioja, pork loin, Chorizo TERRY and Jamon Serrano bathed with Pisto Manchego Sauce. Miguel de Cervantes, in his master piece novel describes Don Quijote?s favorite food. One of them was ?Duelos y Quebrantos? which he ate on Saturdays!


    • Tortilla Espanola

      A classic of all Spanish regions. ?Espanola? is the given name to the classic plain Spanish omelette stuffed with only sliced potatoes


    • The Perfect Tortilla with Gambas Al Ajillo

      (Madrid) A Spanish omelette creatively stuffed with Madrid?s traditional shrimp and garlic flavors. JC Terry?s modern version of the traditional Spanish omelette


    • Tortilla Catalana

      (Cataluna) A Spanish omelette stuffed with TERRY?S Butifarra Sausage and white beans -mongetes- accompanied with the traditional Catalonian ?All-i-oli? sauce. A family recipe, courtesy of world?s best chef Joan Roca from Girona, Spain


  • Arroces y Pasta

    • Arroz Al Caldero

      Clammy seafood risotto slow-cooked in the traditional Mediterranean pot. A remarkable masterpiece of Murcia?s culinary art


    • Bistro Madrid Gran Paella

      Valencian rice cooked in a saffron-based stock with shrimps, tuna belly, baby squids, mussels, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peas, roasted bell pepper and chorizo TERRY


    • Black Paella

      Valencian rice cooked in a squid ink saffron-based seafood stock enriched with shrimps, squid, mussels and assorted vegetables crowned with roasted red bell pepper


    • Vegetable Paella

      The flavorful way Valencians cook their saffron-based rice together with vegetables from ?La Huerta Valenciana? tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, chickpeas -garbanzos-, green peas, roasted peppers, and mushrooms


    • Macaronnes a La Andaluza

      Pasta tossed in chorizo and a hearty tomato sauce topped with shredded Manchego cheese


  • Paella of the Week

    • Paella of the Week


      Good for sharing 580.00

  • Hanging Tapas Toledo Style

    • Terry's Butifarra Sausage

      (Cataluna) A renowned Catalonian sausage


    • Chistorritos de Pamplona

      (Navarra) Grilled Chistorra and cherry tomatoes


    • Piggy High

      Chorizo TERRY flambeed in Sherry Brandy. A Bistro Madrid original for the young at heart


    • The Flying Duck

      (Valencia) Tender duck breast wrapped in Rioja Pancetta with Salsa Espanola


    • Pork Medallion

      (Islas Canarias) A delightful experience of roasted pork tenderloin served with your choice of ?All-i-oli? or Salsa Espanola


    • El Buey Feliz

      Grilled ribeye cubes served with Salsa Espanola


    • Served with your choice of side dish: Fried Diced Potatoes, Onion Rings, Stewed Lentils

  • Tapas de Cuchara

    • Cocido Bistro Madrid

      (Madrid) Cooked in caldero. The most renowned Spanish stew. In Spanish, cocido literally means ?cooked?. Thus, ?cocido?, is a melange of ?cooked? meats, embutidos, vegetables and chickpeas -garbanzos-, slowly simmered and served in a pot


      Good for sharing 785.00

    • Callos a La Penelope

      This unique callos creation is a culinary homage to Penelope Casas, the famous American food author and most prestigious American connoisseur on fine wines and Spanish Cuisine


      Good for sharing 445.00

    • Oxtail Fabada

      (Asturias) A scrumptious and unique dish made of imported oxtail and -fabada- beans. A surprising and delightful beef stew opus!


      Good for sharing 555.00

  • Desserts

    • Manchego Cheese and Membrillo Rolls

      Enjoy the perfect match of quince paste rolls and Manchego cheese drizzled with quince syrup


    • Leche Frita

      (Castilla-Leon) A fried delicacy filled with culinary cream, sugar, cinnamon, aniseeds, and a touch of lemon zest


    • Crema Catalana with Peaches

      A traditional custard dessert from Catalonia topped with crystalized sugar


    • Mantecado Helado con Cabello de Angel

      (Andalucia) Tahitian vanilla and caramel ice cream crowned with candied pumpkin pulp threads


    • Blanxart Chocolate Butter

      (Cataluna) A chocolate ice cream filled with Blanxart?s buttery goodness, sprinkled with caramelized almond praline


    • Cinnamon Bread Churros with Hot Chocolate

      (Madrid) Deep fried churro-shaped, cinnamon-milk moistened bread sticks served with hot chocolate. A typical merienda in Madrid


    • Camino de Santiago

      (Galicia) The ?Santiago? tart is the oldest Spanish almond dessert which is par excellence the best known dessert of Galicia, as it is a delicacy that has been offered to the Camino de Santiago pilgrims over the years. Bistro Madrid pays homage to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims around the world who walk the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James), leading them to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. Most of them follow its routs as a form of retreat to attain spiritual growth


      Good for two 280.00