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BRGR: The Burger Project

BurgerMalingap Central Food Hall, Quezon City


T-Su: 12NN-10PM
Malingap Central Food Hall, Malingap Central Food Hall, Teacher's Village East, Quezon City
BRGR: The Burger Project allows you to design your own burger with different kinds of meatRead more...


  • Design Your BRGR

    • Step 1: Choose Your BRGR

      Reg One Hand (1/4lbs)

      Angus (Single 100.00/ Double 195.00/ Triple 285.00)

      Beef (Single 85.00/ Double 165.00/ Triple 240.00)

      Chicken (Single 75.00/ Double 145.00/ Triple 210.00)

      Tofu (Single 65.00/ Double 125.00/ Triple 180.00)

      Two Hands XL (1/3lbs)

      Angus (Single 150.00/ Double 295.00/ Triple 435.00)

      Beef (Single 115.00/ Double 225.00/ Triple 330.00)

      Chicken (Single 105.00/ Double 195.00/ Triple 285.00)

      Tofu (Single 90.00/ Double 175.00/ Triple 255.00)

    • Step 2: Choose Your Bun


      Reg. One Hand (Sesame Seed 6.00/ Potato 15.00/ Vegan Oatmeal 15.00/ Brioche 25.00)

      Two Hands XL (Sesame Seed 10.00/ Potato 20.00/ Vegan Oatmeal 20.00/ Brioche 30.00)

    • Step 3: Choose Your Toppings


      FREE with every BRGR (Lettuce/ Pickles/ Tomatoes)

      Basic (Red Onions/ Onion Strings/ Jalapeno/ Pineapple Slice/ White Onions/ Bacon Jam/ Egg/ Pepperoni/ Caramelized Onions) 25.00

    • Step 4: Choose Your Cheese


      Regular (Cheese Sauce/ Mozzarella/ Garlic Cream) 25.00/each

      Premium (Cheddar/ Bleu/ Pepperjack) 45.00/each

    • Step 5: Choose Your Premium Toppings


      Onion Rings 35.00

      Mushrooms 45.00

      Chicken Skin 45.00

      Bacon 45.00

      Pulled Pork 55.00

      Spam Caramel 5.00

      Canadian Bacon 55.00

      Chili con Carne 55.00

    • Step 6: Choose Your Sauce


      Regular (BBQ Ranch/ Ranch/ Sriracha Ranch/ BBQ Sauce/ Wasabi Mayo/ Salted Egg Mayo/ Marinara Sauce/ Sriracha Mayo) 25.00/each

      Premium (Special BRGR Sauce/ Buffalo Wings/ Truffle Mayo/ Honey Mustard/ Pesto) 35.00/Mango Sriracha 55.00