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Buffalo's Wings N' Things

AmericanRegis Center, Quezon City


M-Su: 10AM-9PM
Regis Center, Regis Center, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Buffalo's Wings N' Things is a casual restaurant that serves classic American favorites. TRead more...


  • Greatest Heats

    • Ultimate Wingsanity

      (Waiver Required) Our hottest heat ever! Order at your own risk and take part in our Ultimate Wingsanity Challenge if you dare!

    • K-Bomb

      (Waiver Required) Ultra spicy wings with Korean flavors with Soy Garlic and Sesame Oil. Guaranteed to excite the palettes of those who can take the heat

    • Armageddon

      (Waiver Required) Looking for something spicier than Nuclear? This one's for you! We're taking the heat of Nuclear one notch higher

    • Nuclear

      An explosion of heat from the 1-2 punch of Cayenne Pepper and Habanero hot sauce

    • Firehouse Classic

      Sirens are out! The heat starts to pick up with our hot and tangy buffalo sauce

    • New York's Finest

      Our Topselling flavor, Medium heat, buffalo wing sauce that you are sure to love as much as the native New Yorkers!

    • The Rookie

      Authentic Buffalo Wing sauce with just a touch of spice complemented by a hint of honey just enough to tickle your taste buds

    • Sriracha Garlic

      Rich, garlic-infused sauce made bolder with a kick of heat from Sriracha hot sauce

    • Jalapeno Cheddar

      Cheddar cheese sauce with bursts of heat from Jalapeno bits

    • K-Pop

      Sweet Korean soy glaze with subtle notes of garlic

    • Louisiana Cajun Spice

      Flavorful cajun inspired dry rub packed with smoky and tangy herbs and seasonings

    • Basil N' Garlic

      Mouthwatering Thai inspired sweet chili glaze intensified by fresh basil and garlic

    • Chipotle Lime

      Creamy smoked chipotle sauce enhanced by the tanginess of freshly squeezed lime juice

    • Sweet Smoked Chipotle

      Smoky Chipotle flavors perfectly balanced with a touch of honey

    • Honey BBQ

      Southern BBQ Flavor married with the sweetness of honey

    • Garlic Parmesan

      Indulgent blend of garlic butter sauce and real parmesan cheese

    • Roasted Sesame

      Nutty and creamy sauce made from roasted sesame seeds, Japanese mayonnaise, and soy sauce

    • Creamy Salted Egg

      Rich, creamy version of a popular favorite

  • Go Solo!

    • Champion Wings

    • Original Chicken Fingers


      6 Pieces/1 Sauce 198.00

      Add On:

      1 Rice & 1 Iced Tea 48.00

  • Make It Double

    • Champion Wings

    • Original Chicken Fingers


      8 Pieces/2 Sauces 258.00

      Add On:

      2 Rice & 2 Iced Tea 96.00

  • Triple Sampler

    • Champion Wings

    • Original Chicken Fingers


      12 Pieces/3 Sauces 388.00

      Add On:

      3 Rice & 3 Iced Tea 144.00

  • Nachos

    • Nachos N' Salsa


    • Nachos with Cheese Sauce N' Jalapeno Bits


    • Chili N' Cheese Nachos


    • Pulled Pork Nachos


  • Fries

    • Basket of Fries


    • Chili N' Cheese Fries


    • Bacon N' Cheese Fries


  • All American Favorites

    • Twin Mini Burgers


      Buffalo Cheeseburger 188.00

      Bleu Cheeseburger 178.00

    • Twin Hotdogs


      Classic Hotdog 168.00

      Chili N' Cheese Hotdog 178.00

    • South of the Border


      Chick'n Quesadilla 248.00

      Pulled Pork Quesadilla 248.00

      Spicy Chick'n Burrito 178.00

      Beef Burrito 198.00

  • Grandslam

    • Grandslam, A Feast for Champions


      Good for 4 848.00

      Add On:

      4 12oz Iced Tea 98.00

      Bundle Includes:

      Choice of Chili N' Cheese Nachos, Chili N' Cheese Fries or Bacon N' Cheese Fries

      Triple Sampler Champion Buffalo Wings with 3 sauces

      Triple Sampler Original Chicken Fingers with 3 sauces

      4 cups of steamed white rice

  • Can You Take the Heat?

    • Take the Ultimate Wingsanity Challenge

      Sign the Ultimate Wingsanity Challenge Waiver. Finish 12 pieces Champion Buffalo Wings tossed in our Ultimate Wingsanity Sauce. Get your "You Can Definitely Take the Heat!" certificate. Have your photo taken so we can post it on the "Wall of Flame!"

  • Add-Ons

    • For Champion Buffalo Wings or Original Chicken Fingers

    • Dips


      Buffalo Ranch 34.00

      Bleu Cheese 34.00

      Honey Mustard 54.00

    • Sides


      Steamed White Rice 34.00

      NY Dirty Rice 54.00

      Fries 34.00

  • Dessert

    • NY Cheesecake Ice Cream

      Graham-crusted NY Cheesecake Ice Cream, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with blueberry sauce


  • Ice Cold Beverages

    • Down Town Iced Tea

      Signature blend brewed iced tea


      16oz 58.00

      22oz 78.00

    • Soda in Can


    • Bottled Water