Ca Phe SaigonSan Roque

14 Red Cedar St, New Marikina, San Roque, Marikina

Coffee, Vietnamese

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Open T-Su: 11AM-10PM

Ca Phe Saigon Menu

  • Salad

    • Pomelo Salad

      Chunks of sweet pomelo tossed in shredded cabbage and carrots topped with shrimp and lean pork. With a side order of shrimp crackers


    • Green Mango Salad

      Refreshing green mango salad tossed with shredded lettuce and carrot, topped with pork and shrimp. Accompanied by fish crackers and tossed in with Vietnamese special sauce


    • Lettuce Salad

      Shredded lettuce with cucumber, carrots and basil topped with your choice of meat accompanied with crunchy prawn crackers and with a side of Vietnamese fish sauce


      Chicken/Beef/Pork 120.00

      Shrimp 150.00

    • Cabbage Salad

      Cabbage salad mixed with carrot, basil leaves, pork and shrimp topped with peanut and served with a side of Sweet Vietnamese fish sauce


    • Savory Pancakes

      Vietnamese savory fried pancakes made of rice flour, water, turmeric powder, stuffed with silvers of pork, shrimp, diced green onion and bean sprouts. Served with lettuce, cucumber, basil and Vietnamese Sweet Sauce for dipping


  • Soup Noodles

    • Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

      The all time favorite Vietnamese beef soup noodles served with a side of sprouts and basil leaves


      Regular 160.00

      Special 260.00

      With Meat Balls 160.00

    • Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

      Hearty chicken soup seasoned with cinnamon and star anis. Cooked for hours to get rich chicken broth


      Regular 150.00

      Special 250.00

    • Beef Stew

      Deeply fragrant with lemon grass, achuete and with tender pieces of beef


      Regular 160.00

      Special 260.00

    • Seafood Noodle Soup

      Crab stick, shrimp, squid and lobster ball toppings in an aromatic soup flavored with lemon grass and achuete


  • Rolls

    • Vietnamese Fried Rolls

      Crisp fried Vietnamese rolls, with a side of fresh crisp lettuce and cucumber. Served with special Vietnamese sweet fish sauce


      Regular 110.00

      Vegetarian 120.00

    • Fresh Rolls

      The classic summer roll, rice noodles with lettuce, mint leaves, lean pork and shrimp all rolled up served with special peanut sauce


      Regular 180.00

      Vegetarian 130.00

    • Steam Rolls

      Steamed rolls with pork, shrimp, mushroom and carrot filling served on a bed of shredded lettuce and topped with crisp shallots. With a side of special Vietnamese sweet fish sauce


      Add Ons

      Vietnamese homemade meat loaf 50.00/pc

  • Rice Meals

    • Tamarind Chicken Wings

      Crispy fried 3pcs chicken wings basted with sweet tamarind sauce, served with a side of shredded lettuce and cucumber and rice


    • Sauteed Tenderloin Beef

      Sauteed tenderloin beef served with rice and a side of vegetables, traditional lemon with salt and pepper as dipping sauce


    • Tamarind Pork Ribs

      Slow cooked fall off the bone tender pork ribs basted with tamarind sauce. Served with a side of salad. Your choice of sides: rice or sauteed corn. Your choice of sauce: spicy tamarind or sweet tamarind


    • Fried Rolls with Rice

      3 pieces Vietnamese fried rolls served with rice


      Regular 120.00

      Vegetarian 140.00

    • Crispy Fried Shrimp

      4pcs Crispy fried shrimp with your choice of dipping sauce: Peanut Sauce/ Tamarind Sauce/ Sweet Sauce. Served with rice and a side of vegetables


  • Sandwich

    • Vietnamese Baguette

      6" long baguette with fresh lettuce, cucumber and special Vietnamese pickles with your choice of Roasted Pork/ Chicken/ Beef


      Regular 120.00

      Special 190.00

      Add Ons

      Vietnamese homemade meat toast 50.00/pc

      Chicken Liver Pate 30.00/pc

  • Dry Noodles

    • Ca Phe Saigon Crispy Noodles

      House specialty crispy noodles served with a side of greens and special peanut sauce and your choice of:


      Chicken/Beef/Pork 140.00

      Shrimp 170.00

    • Dry Noodle Seafood

      Flat rice noodles topped with assorted seafood, shrimp, squid, lobster and crab meat with a side of special sweet sauce


    • Special Dry Noodles Combination

      Vermicelli noodles with a combination of cha glo and your choice of:


      Chicken/Beef/Pork 200.00

      Shrimp 250.00

      Shrimp w/ Vegetarian Fried Rolls 260.00

    • Vietnamese Dry Noodles

      Vietnamese dry noodles with fresh crisp lettuce, cucumber, topped with roasted peanuts, served with a side of special Vietnamese fish sauce


      Toppings: Chicken/ Pork/ Beef 140.00

      Shrimp 170.00

    • Vietnamese Dry Noodles with Fried Rolls

      Vietnamese dry noodles with fresh crisp lettuce, accompanied by Vietnamese fried rolls then topped with roasted peanuts, served with a side of special Vietnamese fish sauce


      Regular 130.00

      Vegetarian 140.00

  • Drinks & Dessert

    • Vietnamese Coffee

      Is made with coarsely ground Vietnamese dark roast coffee individually brewed with a small metal French drip filler into a cup containing about a quarter to a half as much sweetened condensed milk




      Trung Nyuhen

      Warm Coffee

      Iced Coffee

      Add Ons

      Coffee Jell 20.00

      Hazelnut/Caramel/Peppermint 20.00

    • Banh Da Lon

      Vietnamese steamed layer cake, pandan flavor with mung bean paste filling




      Flavor: Yellow Mango


    • Detox Juice

      Elder flower/ spicy mango/ basil


    • Sugar Cane Juice


    • Fruity Spitzer


    • Vietnamese Iced Tea

      Wintermelon/ tamarind/ lemon/ salty lemon/ orange