Chile Vita's Malate

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  • Sauces

    • Chile Cheese

      When you're tired of the usual ketchup or sweet & sour sauce, try this! It's got the tangy tomato taste you like, but with that little extra something. Just use it like you would ketchup or mayo-with fried chicken, sandwhiches, French fries, scrambled eggs, meatballs, chicken galantina, lumpiang shanghai, calamares, taco salad, nachos and siomai , 350ml


    • Chile Mustard

      You'll love how this tart, sweetish dressing dresses up common food like salads, steamed vegetables, roast chicken, pork chop, lechon, hamburger, hotdot, meatloaf, sliced ham and potato chips, taking them from drab to fab!, 350ml


    • Chile Pepper

      Win the battle of the bland with this hot stuff! Turn up the heat in your meats, stews, soups, liquids and sauces such as fish sauce and soy sauce, 350ml


    • Chile Vinegar

      This one's perfect for when you have friends over. Party standby's like kilawin, kropeck, chicharon bulaklak,tokwa't baboy, and pork barbecue are transformed with the perfectly balanced sourness and delectably spicy flavor of chile vinegar, or mix it in your paksiw or adobo to give evryday fare added zing! 350ml


    • Crackli'n Cropeck

      It's always good to have a snack handy for unexpected visitors. These rice crackers from vietnam come with easy-to-cook directions, and are sure to be a hit with your guests, espcially when dipped in Chile Vinegar. 100g