Chooks to Go! Manggahan

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  • Ready-To-Eat Products

    • Oven-Roasted Chicken


      Sweet Roast (The classic roast chicken flavor with a hint of honey that's so great even without sauce)230.00

      Pepper Roast (The right hit of pepper and special spices sets this savory oven roasted chicken flavor apart) 230.00

      Chooks Chicken Ham (Your favorite freshly cooked oven roasted chicken that's sweet and juicy drizzled with pineapple glaze for that perfect Christmas flavor) 260.00

    • Fried Chooks

      It's the favorite Chooks-to-Go oven-roasted chicken that's made even more irresistible by deep-frying! The flavor sinks deep into the chicken, from the crispy skin all the way to the juicy meat


    • Juicy Liempo

      It's the Filipino's favorite roast pork belly that is made even juicer and tastier with a special blend of spices by Chooks-to-Go


    • Pork BBQ

      Your favorite corner street BBQ cooked in a stone griddle to make it tender and healthy



    • Bagnet Crispy Pata

      The classic crispy bagnet with skin that crackles with every cut, and meat that's tender and delicious inside


      399.00 (Good for 5)