Costa de Luna Reflexology and WellnessAguirre Ave

189 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque

Massage, Reflexology,Wellness

Open M-Su: 1PM-11PM

Costa de Luna Reflexology and Wellness is one of the Metro's top lifestyle hubs, well-known for being a haven of total bliss, relaxation, and self-care. Treat yourself to first-rate pampering and enjoy such services as therapy, foot soak, and healing services, leaving you truly rested and recharged.

Costa de Luna Reflexology and Wellness Menu

  • Rates

    • Luna

      Costa de Luna Signature Foot Reflexology. Includes an anti bacterial salt soak, 10 minute 7 Chakra Ritual (Back), essential oil infused massage (oil of your choice), and Foot Reflexology Treatment.


      30mins 280.00

      1hr 10mins 320.00

      1hr 30mins 420.00

    • Sol

      Costa de Luna Signature Hand Reflexology. Includes an essential oil infused massage (oil of your choice), 10 minute 7 Chakra Ritual (Back, for 1 hour) and Hand Reflexology Treatment.


      30mins 280.00

      1hr 10mins 320.00

    • Tierra

      Costa de Luna Signature Whole Body Massage. Highly therapeutic Swedish Body Massage to soothe your senses.


      1hr 10mins 470.00

      1hr 30mins 525.00

    • Tala

      Costa de Luna Signature Dry Massage. Most requested. Indulge in therapeutic dry massage focusing on your Head or Back. This intensely relieving massage will be using acupressure to specific points in the body to relieve tension and pain. (30mins)


    • 7 Chakra Ritual

      Highly therapeutic massage for the Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back and/or Arm Massage. Experience utmost relaxation by designing your own Chakra Ritual.


      15mins 150.00

      30mins 280.00

      1hr 10mins 420.00

      1hr 30mins 480.00

    • Costa de Luna Favorites

      Design your own Favorite


      7 Chakra Ritual/Back/30mins & Sol/30mins 560.00

      7 Chakra Ritual/Back/30mins & Luna/1hr 10mins 600.00

      7 Chakra Ritual/Shoulder & Back/ 30mins & Luna/1hr 10mins

      Luna/1hr 10mins & Tierra/1hr 10mins 790.00

      Luna/1hr 30mins & Tierra/1hr 30mins 945.00

    • Intensive Massage

      Costa de Luna Signature Therapy using Chinese Medicine to address specific trouble areas. (15mins)


    • Costa de Luna Signature Essential Oil Blends


      Earth (Calming/Lavender)

      Air (Invigorating/Peppermint)

      Fire (Energizing/Grapefruit)

      Water (Purifying/Eucalyptus)

  • Foot Soaks

    • Cuccio DetoxSoak

      Highly requested, this treatment contains Magnesium Sulfate, naturally detoxifying, Citrus aurantium amara peel that soothes and refreshes, Artemisia absinthium which De-stresses and hydrates, and Phellodendron-amurense Bark that smoothens and renews the skin.


    • Costa De Luna Tea-tox

      Inspired by an ancient Japanese Folk remedy. Experience a soothing mix of black and green teas. Relieves of foot odor, and excessive sweating. The Tannic acid in tea is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.