Dapper Don'sN. Domingo

Sonema Square, 44 N. Domingo St. , Valencia, Quezon City


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Open 10AM-9PM

Dapper Don's Services

  • Services

    • The Signature

      Classic precision haircut with shampoo and blow-dry. Barber's massage with hot towel treatment, Mustache & beard trim and lastly pomade styling for a dapper finish


    • Young Guns

      Basic haircut for the young gents ages 12 below. Start 'em young as they say


    • Quick and Slick

      Quick, classic and clean haircut with shampoo and styling


    • Head Shave

      Clean straight razor shave for a detailed neat look. Comes with a hot towel treatment and a soothing head massage


    • Hot Lather Shave

      Our signature hot lather shave using premium cream dine with a straight razor, comes with a hot and cold towel treatment, a soothing facial massage topped with our premium after-shave


    • Sculpt & Shape

      For the fine gents blessed with a grass grin. Detailed sculpting and grooming to keep your staches and beard in shape


    • The Throwback

      Blending the grey away, throwing back 10 years younger complete with a scalp massage and stylish. We only use organic Schwarzkopf products


    • Mentholated Scalp Treatment

      Can't go wrong with this. Rehydrate your hair with this minty hair spa. This also comes with a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage