DC Superheroes CafeSM Megamall

4/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong


Open M-Su: 10AM-10PM

Eat among heroes at DC Super Heroes Cafe! Be surrounded by your favorite DC Comics characters in this official DC-inspired cafe, filled to the brim with incredible comics, toys, merchandise, and more! Enjoy unique flavors and a well-thought out theme as you take a quick escape into the DC universe at DC Super Heroes Cafe.

DC Superheroes Cafe Menu

  • Seven Seas Starters

    • Smoked Salmon Plate

      Thin slices of fresh and smoked salmon topped with feta cheese, olives, pickles, served with crusty baguette slices.


    • Seafood Platter

      A platter fit for Atlantean royalty! Poached shrimps, scallops and mussels ceviche.


    • Shrimp Cocktail

      Shrimp poached in court bouillon served with horseradish and cocktail sauce.


    • Good for sharing

  • Soups

    • Soup of the Day

      Soup flavor of the day!

    • Onion Soup

      Caramelized red onion and beef broth soup topped with gratinated gruyere, and emmental cheese.


    • Spinach Egg Vat Soup

      Chinese-style spinach egg drop soup with silken tofu and pickled red cabbage. Inspired by the ACE Chemicals tank where the Joker fell into, in one of his origins.


  • Salads

    • Salad Surprise

      Fries but not potato, vegetable but not salad, served with catsup but not, served with salad on the side. Inspired by the Joker's unexpected surprises.


    • Seared Tuna Salad

      A salad of seared tuna, greens, feta cheese, hummus and sous-vide quail egg. Inspired by the quick fiery swords of the Amazons.


    • Caesar Salad

      Freshly tossed romaine lettuce in our own caesar dressing. Served with cherry tomatoes, garlic croutons and pan seared chicken seasoned with Italian herbs. Inspired by Poison Ivy.


  • Tidbits and Finger Foods

    • Duck Fat Fries

      Thick cut potato fries deep fried in duck fat. Served with rosemary, garlic, catsup, tartar, and parmesan.


    • Chicken Fingers a la Negra

      Chicken tenders coated in squid ink then deep fried. Served with honey mustard and a side of slaw.


    • Chipirones

      Lightly breaded baby squid, marinated in Amazonian herbs and spice, served with aioli and grilled lemon wedges.


    • Shrimp Frito Misto

      Herb-breaded shrimp fry. Served with tartar and roasted tomato salsa.


    • Flash-Roasted Chicken Wings

      Flash-roasted chicken wings served with BBQ sauce and crudite of vegetables.


    • Crab Rangoons

      Lump crab meat and cream cheese stuffed wanton wrappers. Served with tomato salsa and aioli.


    • Justice League Platter

      All your favorite finger food on one platter. Inspired by the World's Greatest Super Heroes, banding together as the Justice League.


    • Served with our creative mix of sauces and dressings.

  • Pizza, Pasta and Noodles

    • Pepperoni Focaccia Pizza

      House-made pizza topped with pepperoni, cheese, olives, and jalapenos. Inspired by The Flash's favorite pizza.


    • Squid Ink Focaccia Pizza

      House-made squid ink pizza topped with prosciutto, roasted tomato salsa, goat's cheese, and lumpfish caviar.


    • Shrimp Bisque & Noodles

      Spaghetti in squid ink sauce and sauteed garlic baby squid topped with aioli and shrimp bisque. Inspired by Black Manta.


    • Zoom Ziti

      Baked ziti topped with pepperoni ragu and gratinated cheese. Inspired by The Flash.


    • Mac and Cheesemeister

      A homeage to an American classic, ours is richly made with a marriage of four cheeses and served on a hot skillet.


    • Three-Cheese Fettucine

      Freshly-made fettucine pasta served with alfredo sauce and gratinated with our three-cheese mix. Inspired by the Lantern Corps.


  • Sandwiches

    • The Belly Buster

      1/3 lb Angus patty served inside a brioche bun with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and our own awesome sauce.


    • The Belly Bloater

      Two 1/3 lb Angus patties served inside a brioche bun with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and our own awesome sauce.


    • Cheesemeister Deluxe

      Mozzarella and cheddar-stuffed Angus patty served inside a brioche bun, lettuce, and our own awesome sauce.


    • Space Bound Fried Chicken Sandwich

      Deep-fried chicken sandwich with blue cheese dressing.


    • Seattle Dog with Chili

      Seared sausage sandwiched between a green American loaf with cream cheese, grilled onions, and a side of chili. Inspired by a Green Arrow issue recipe called "Ollie's Stupendous Chili"


    • Perfect Sandwich

      Toasted brioche layered with mesclun greens, cured bacon, pepperoni, pickled red onion and roasted tomato. Served with our fresh homemade crispy potato chips. Inspired by Robin's perfect sandwich.


    • Burrito Monster

      Mac n' Cheese with roast chicken and crispy bacon wrapped in grilled tortilla. Served with tomato salsa, and sour cream. Inspired by The Burrito Monster.


  • Specials (DC-inspired Chef Specials)

    • 12-Hour Glazed Pork Belly

      12-hour slow-cooked, spiced pork belly served with pineapple glaze and smashed potatoes. Inspired by Bane, who need Venom every 12 hours.


    • Boomerang

      Australian lamb skewers served with grilled watermelon and tzatziki. Inspired by Captain Boomerang. Don't throw this one.


    • Beef Bourguignon

      Beef stew with mushroom, bacon and glazed shallots, braised for four hours sand served with homemade catsup. Inspired by Clark Kent.


    • Mom's Meatloaf

      Country-style meatloaf stuffed with andouille sausage served with catsup, BBQ sauce and country gravy. Inspired by Martha Kent's cooking.


    • Buttermilk-Fried Chicken Wings

      Buttermilk fried chicken wings served with rice pilaf topped with pomodoro sauce and honey mustard. Inspired by Nightwing.


    • Barbecue Chicken with Breakfast Cheese

      Grilled chicken barbecue wings served with our homemade cheese fondue.


    • Fish and Chips

      Crispy deep-fried, beer-battered sole fillet, served with homemade potato chips and tartar sauce.


    • Terrible Trio: Surf, Turf, & Glide

      A trio of beef tenderloin steak, grilled jumbo black tiger prawns and seared foie gras, served with a side of sauteed seasonal vegetables, jus and port wine reduction. Inspired by a team of thieves known as The Terrible Trio.


    • Baked Prawns

      Salted egg jumbo black tiger prawns with hollandaise sauce.


    • Salmon & Green Curry

      House-made green curry with salmon fillet, mussels, ikura and baby carrots. Inspired by Aquaman's real name: Arthur Curry.


  • The Pick of Gotham City

    • Roasted Rib Eye Steak

      500 grams of USDA Angus rib eye served with truffle mashed potatoes, red wine demi-glace and our signature hollandaise sauce.


  • Sides

    • Steamed Rice


    • Rice Pilaf


    • Garlic Rice


    • Baguette Chips


    • Grilled Baguette


    • Smashed Potato


    • Side Slaw


    • Sauteed Vegetables


  • Drinks - Teas & Juices

    • Black Currant Lychee Iced Tea

      Iced tea infused with lychee, pandan and black currant.


    • Justice Spritz

      The league's go to cold-pressed cucumber juice is infused with hibiscus soda and ginger syrup to get you going through the day.


    • Peach Hibiscus Lemonade

      Lead your team with this fresh lemonade infused with peach, hibiscus and rosemary. Topped with a nest of rosemary basil and lemon. Inspired by Robin


    • Berry Guava Lemonade

      Experience a burst of flavor with this berry guava concoction. Inspired by the Tamaran Princess Starfire.


    • Minty Cucumber Lemonade

      Transform your day with this refreshing fresh shaken lemonade with muddle mint leaves and cucumber juice. Inspired by Beast Boy.


    • Mystic Lemonade

      Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! Get ready to see some magic with this fresh orange lemonade infused with rosemary. This sorcerous drink is inspired by Raven.


    • Lychee Lemonade

      Get your gears rolling with this lychee and pandan infused lemonade. Topped with a dash of activated charcoal. Inspired by Cyborg.


  • Smoothies

    • Nutty Forest Smoothie

      Only a Man of Steel can whithstand this delicious black forest inspired smoothie. Fused with peanut butter, granola, and almond nuts. All of which are topped with our signature whipped cream. Inspired by Doomsday.


    • Double Nut White Choco Frappe

      The power of the planet Krypton perfected in a smoothie. Concocted with blue and red velvet choco, toffe nut, hazelnut and DC Espresso, topped with our signature whipped cream.


    • Biscuit Mocha Frappe

      The league has united to bring you this delectable mocha frappe with dark chocolate sauce and rich fresh milk embellished with biscuit spread and topped with our signature whipped cream.


    • Deep Cacao Milk Chocolate Smoothie

      Feel the brooding mystery of Gotham City with this rich milk chocolate smoothie with fresh cacao and deep dark chocolate topped with our signature whipped cream.


    • Berry Cheesecake Smoothie

      Strawberries, guavas, and hibiscus have been harvested from the noble land of Themyscira to make an Amazonian Smoothie blended with cream cheese, topped with mango jello and golden crystals.


    • Green Construct Frappe

      Harness the power of Green Lantern with a special frappe blend of pistachio nut sauce, pandan milk, espresso with whipped cream.


    • Taro Purple Yam Spiced Smoothie

      Experience the wrath of anti-heroes on this unusual espresso smoothie blended with taro and purple yam, garnished with our signature whipped cream. Inspired by the Suicide Squad.


    • Tropical Cream Cheese Smoothie

      A magical burst of lychee, passion fruit, milk, and cheddar cheese topped with whipped cream. Inspired by Billy Batson and the power of Shazam!


    • Biscuit Mocha Latte

      A great way to jump start the day is a newspaper and a fresh cup of Biscuit Mocha Latte. Brewed with a rich chocolate sauce, fresh milk, espresso, and a delicious cookie spread.


  • Jitters (Hot Drinks)

    • Classic Coffee Choices


      Brewed Coffee 95.00

      Espresso 95.00

      Americano 100.00

      Espresso Macchiato 120.00

      Espresso Con-Pana 120.00

      Cappuccino 140.00

      Latte 140.00