Dear Alice Nail Lounge Salcedo Village

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Pampering at its purest. Offering up manicures, pedicures, and all kinds of spa treatments, be sure to drop by Dear Alice Nail Lounge for high quality nail care experience and more!


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  • Service Rates

    • The Alice

      Ultimate pampering - Hot stone reflexology massage with hand/foot spa. Enjoy 30 minutes of hot stone reflexology massage with your mani/pedi for deep healing and improved energy flow. Our organic blend of yogurt moringa scrub and mask exfoliates, moisturizes, and nourishes your skin


      Manicure (Regular Polish/Buff 600.00/Gel Effect 800.00/Gel 950.00)

      Pedicure (Regular Polish/Buff 750.00/Gel Effect 950.00/Gel 1100.00)

      Mani & Pedi (Regular Polish/Buff 1300.00/Gel Effect 1700.00/Gel 2000.00)

    • Stop A While

      Essential relaxation - Regular hand and foot spa. Take your mani/pedi to the next level with dead-skin rollout, hydrating mask and 10-minute massage. Get the soothing uplifting benefits of eucalyptus lavender and lemon verbena in our paraben-free blend of scrub and cream


      Manicure (Regular Polish/Buff 450.00/Gel Effect 650.00/Gel 800.00

      Pedicure (Regular Polish/Buff 600.00/Gel Effect 800.00/Gel 950.00)

      Mani & Pedi (Regular Polish/Buff 1000.00/Gel Effect 1400.00/Gel 1700.00)

    • Nice and Sweet

      Classic mani and pedi. Perfect for those on the go. Enjoy all of cleaning, nail shaping and 5-minute massage


      Manicure (Regular Polish/Buff 300.00/Gel Effect 500.00/Gel 700.00)

      Pedicure (Regular Polish/Buff 450.00/Gel Effect 650.00/Gel 800.00)

      Mani & Pedi (Regular Polish/Buff 700.00/Gel Effect 1100.00/Gel 1450.00)

    • For the Little Ones (12 yo & below)

      A big treat for your precious young gems. Hand and feet care for kids with a good soak and gentle massage. Little princesses may choose from a wide range of water-based polish and two free nail stickers


      Hands 200.00

      Feet 250.00

      Hand & Feet 400.00

    • Express Yourself


      Nail Art (per finger) 30.00

      Nail Art with Stone (per finger) 50.00-80.00

    • Polish Change

      20 mins


      Manicure (Regular Polish/Buff 150.00/Gel Effect 350.00/Gel 500.00)

      Pedicure (Regular Polish/Buff 200.00/Gel Effect 400.00/Gel 550.00)

      Mani & Pedi (Regular Polish/Buff 300.00/Gel Effect 700.00/Gel 1000.00)

    • Paraffin Treatment

      Softens calluses and heals dry cracked skin


      Hands 250.00

      Feet 300.00

      Hands & Feet 500.00

  • Other Services

    • Gel Tip Extension


      S 1400.00

      M 1650.00

      L 1850.00

    • Hard Gel Removal


    • Gel Topcoat


    • Hard Gel Extension Fill-in


      Per nail 250.00

      Full set 1250.00

    • Gel Removal


    • Instant Nails


    • Floaters


      Per nail 200.00

      Full set 1200.00

    • French Manicure

      Add On:

      Regular and Gel Effect 50.00

      French Manicure 100.00

  • Group Package

    • Nice and Sweet Package

      Nice and sweet mani and pedi (reg polish)


      5 pax (2 hours) 5000.00

      10 pax (4 hours) 8500.00

    • Sweet Spot Package

      Nice and sweet mani and Stop A While Pedi (reg polish)


      5 pax (2 hours) 7000.00

      10 pax (4 hours) 10000.00

    • Little Ones Package (12 yrs old & below)

      For the little ones hands & feet


      10 kids (3 hours) 6000.00

      15 kids (4 hours) 9000.00

    • Packages include exclusive use of Dear Alice Nail Lounge, 2 servings complimentary non-alcoholic beverage, peanuts/chips. Please book a week in advance

  • Massage

    • Reflexology

      Ideal for improving nerve function and blood circulation


      Hands (20 mins) 300.00

      Feet (30 mins) 350.00