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  • What We Offer

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Performance Training

      Customized evaluation and integration of training systems based on your personal goals. Perform and look at peak levels. Sport of fitness specific goals. Daily encoding of client's progress. Monthly progress reports.

    • Physiotherapy

      Individual programs that combine the methodologies of manual therapy and athletic training to address your specific needs for recovery. A full body perspective to treatment that articulate the root cause of your injury to get you back to moving efficiently and pain-free.

    • Focus Training System

      Our Focus Training System classes are designed to keep that customized 1-on-1 feel in a class setting of 3 to 8 people. This 60-minute system is comprised of weight training, plyometrics, functional movements and fat torching ESD cardio-strength circuits to feel and look your best.

    • Recovery


      Lasertherapy - Quickly and effectively treat pain and inflammation related to numerous common basketball-related injuries.

      Cryosauna - Reduced swelling. Promotes better sleep. Helps clear up skin issues.