Fred's Revolucion Cubao Expo

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  • Food

    • Fish, Fish and Chips

      Fish fillets of Coors beer batter, fried and served on last, but not dilis, a bed of fries. Dip the English way: with vinegar


    • Hoy Schnitzel!

      It's a mother of a chop served on mash and Fred's gravy. Of course you don't come to pubs for your health, they have gyms for that.


    • Hoi Chi Wings

      Chef Madel's own, much blogged about, as fiery as our chef's tempers. Subverted Buffalo wings marinated in our secret sauce. So secret you'd need an Internet connection and Google to discover it.


    • Bagnet Blanchan

      Deep fried pork recipe born in the Ilocos region, simmered in shrimp paste: Belacan if you?re Malaysian; Terasi, if Indonesian, Served with bagoong-chili dressing


    • Pepito's Sofrito

      Chunks of pork OR fish (please tell us what you like) marinated in spices and served on a bed of the traditional Latin/Caribbean salsa of cilantro, peppers, garlic and lime.


    • Chicken Chop

      A staple in 'western food' stalls at hawker, centres in Singapore. Marinated Chicken breast pan-grilled and served on mash and a tsunami of Fred's gravy.


    • Grilled Pork Strips

      Like bacon, but better. (Yes, there is something better than bacon.) Marinated scientifically to blend wit your beer. We lied, we just guessed it would.


    • Thai Fish Curry on Crispy Noodles

      Fred's manifestation of loving Thai neighbor. Fillets of fish, veggies and spicy Thai red curry on a bed of deep fried crispy noodles. You can whisper to us if you want it milder.


    • Desert Exile Beef Stew

      inspired by tours in the sandbox. Only for the brave. Chunks of beef patiently simmered in a stew of Arabic spices. You'd wish for an Arab spring


    • Chili Con Carne

      The classic dish, with white onions, sour cream and topped off with Arabica coffee grounds


    • Bangus Boquerones

      Bangus, as boneless as our politicians, cooked in red wine vinegar and olive oil, smothered with garlic. Our adaptation on a Spanish classic.


    • Fred's Onion Rings

      Sweet white onions deep fried in Coors beer batter served with our olive oil and garlic mayo.


    • Farmer's Oysters

      Succulent and sourced fresh everyday, except rainy days. Sauteed in butter, garlic and parsley.


    • Marvin's Cheesy Garlic Fries

      Bar crew Marvin raided the Kitchen one day and made a snack of fries with melted cheese and fried garlic. For his effort, we make fun of him everyday and after his suspension, put his creation on the menu.


    • Ubiquitous French Fries

      Exactly how it's named but prepared lovingly. If you want fast and fake, go to McDonalds. While you're there ask them for a beer.


    • Nude Nuts

      Fred's crew's own creation of peanuts fried in bagnet oil with whole chilies and garlic. Proceeds do not got to the till but to charity: The Fred's Crew Beer and Cigarette Fund.


  • Sausages

    • Split Banger and Mash

      Classic bar chow. Sausage split on mashed potatoes and Fred's gravy. Regulars ask for it regularly.


    • Berliner Curry Sausage

      An east meets West favorite that did not simmered in an unwanted Eurasian, Bratwurst, simmered in light cream curry.



      Vegetarian version: Crispy Tofu in Thai Green Curry 148.00

    • Chili Sausage

      The sole survivor from the olden days of Fred's when we were still relatively sane. Hungarian sausage, sliced and served on a bed of white onion sauteed in butter and chili.


    • Werst Khamto Wurst

      Pork sausage spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices listed in a notebook that the cooks can't seem to find when we were doing this menu, then smoked for hours. Served with sauerkraut and mustard.


    • Tom Yam Sausage

      It was a Thai soup that we made into a chicken sausage then made into a Thai soup. Sausage-ception. So again, it's a chicken sausage marinated in Thai Tom Yam spices served in Tom Yam Broth.


  • Weekend Specials

    • Pernil (Puerto Rican Lechon)

      Inspired by a refugee dinner during the 2011 Snowmageddon in Connecticut. Roasted pork shoulder seasoned with traditional South American adobo spices of oregano, garlic and vinegar. Purists might say this is how adobo was prepared before soy sauce was added to the traditional Latin American dish. Much like how jeeps were before we flips made them into jeepneys; in our jeepneyfication of the dish, we added lemongrass and run-chili sauce.


    • Pork Crackling

      Pork belly seasoned with spices and roasted until the skin crisps and cracks. Served on a bed of cucumber salsa.


    • Fred's Bloody Revolution Sausage

      Tuguegarao dinuguan (pork blood stew) from a family recipe made into sausages and smoked for hours. Served on a tomato, parsley salsa and sprinkled with chitterlings. You see more happy drunks than happy cardiologists, so get your values straight and enjoy life.


  • Cocktails And Shooters

    • The Freddie

      Pernod, triple sec, chili bold, beautiful and smooth

    • The Minx

      Bailey's, vodka, amaretto, with dark chocolate shavings, creamy sexy and sweet

    • The Manx

      Bailey's, Jack Daniel's, Coke a macho minx

    • Red Mango

      It's mango-chili margarita! Pitcher

    • Castro

      Chili vodka, triple sec, mixer

    • Skull Crusher

      Vodka, cranberry juice, OJ, soda

    • Boner

      Amaretto, vodka, OJ, soda

    • Crustier Dog

      Vodka, gin, grapefruit juice

  • Drinks-Shots(Single)

    • Fundador Gold

    • Jose Cuervo Tequila

    • Jagermeister

    • Jim Beam

    • Absolut Apeach

    • Jack Daniel's

    • Johnny Walker Black Label

  • Non-Alcoholic

    • Bottled Water

    • Bottled Tea

    • Shakes

      (Please ask for available flavors)

    • Juices

      Pineapple, Mango, orange

    • Sodas in Cans

      Coke, Sprite Zero, Coke Light, Coke Zero

    • Cigarettes

      Marlboro Red, Menthol and Lights

  • Beers

    • Coors/Colt 45

    • San Mig Light/ Pale Pilsen

    • Strong Ice

    • Red Horse/Super Dry/Cerveza Negra

    • San Miguel Premium

  • Alco-Mix

    • Tanduay iced/Red Mirage/Blue IlIusion

  • Apperitifs/Cocktails

    • Black/White Russian

    • Daiquiris all made fresh!

      Mango, Banana, or Strawberry. Please ask what?s available glass, pitcher

    • Frozen Margarita/Kamikaze


    • Adam

      Rum, rose syrup, soda

    • Gin Tonic

    • Rhum Coke

    • Blue Cowboy

      Coracao, gin, syrup

    • Vodka Cranberry

    • Red-and-Red

      Red horse and red bull, package like a boss

    • Vodka Red Bull

    • Pernod

    • Jager Bomb

      Please ask our bar staff for available wines

    • Corkage fees

      Wines, Spirits (Imported)