G.R.EAT BurgerKalayaan Ave

8491 Kalayaan Ave, Poblacion, Makati


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    • G.R.Eat Burger

      What's our recipe for a GReat burger? It starts with a quarter pound of our juicy all beef patties, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, throw in some fresh lettuce, a big slice of tomato, top it off with cheese, then smoother it with our own special sauce. That's it. Nothing fancy. Simple but Great!


    • G.R.Eat Bacon

      Everything is better with bacon! While our burgers are already GReat, we've made it even GReater with crisp bacon strips. It's a party for your palate!


    • G.R.Eat Chili

      We at Great burger just love anything spicy. So we thought we'd let you try our own delicious and fiery chili )sans the beans-we don't like 'em) smothered all over our juicy burger and topped with our signature GReat sauce. GReat chili when you want it hot.


    • G.R.Eat Double

      What's better than our GReat Burgers? Why, two of them of course! If a quarter pound ain't enough, we double the patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and add more of that tangy special sauce of ours. That'll definitely satiate any monster appetite!


    • G.R.Eat Fries

      "Would you like fries with that?" Crispy, golden brown crinkle fries that goes well with your GReat burger


    • Fire Fries

      Like we said, we love the hot stuff on our burgers, our fries are no exception. We put some more of that delicious chili and drizzle it with our secret sauce for an experience like no other!