Gab Pigmentation Malate

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  • Our Services

    • 6D Microblading

      6D Microblading procedure will give you those long-lasting attractive and dramatic eyebrows that you ever desire


    • Lip Micropigmentation

      Reapplying lipsticks or liptints all day can be a nuisance, especially under the bustle of everyday routine. With Lip Micropigmentation, we're driving away the fuss


    • Top Eyeliner

      Top Eyeliner provides that natural-looking and well-defined line without worrying about smudges, because we know that nothing can be more enticing than flattering lashes


    • Korean BB Glow Treatment

      Ever wanting to achieve that fresh look, but do not have time to put on BB cream or foundation every day? Korean BB Glow Treatment is perfect for you!


    • Dermapen

      Disfiguring old scars caused by acne and surgery may have deteriorated your self-esteem; do not let them linger for a long time. Improve the appearance and texture of your skin with Dermapen!


    • Scalp Embroidery

      Thinning hair line due to hair loss? Scalp Embroidery conceals areas where hair has thinned by replicating hair strands to bring back your crowning glory