Infinima Spa Potrero

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  • Spa and Body Massage Services

    • Infinima Signature Massage

      A perfect combination of all massage techniques and manipulations which can bring total relaxation, detoxification and renewed energy for a physically and emotionally stressed individual. (1 1/2 hours)


    • Relaxing Swedish Massage

      A popular massage modality which aims to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, removal of metabolic waste products of the body and gives a deep relaxation. (1 hour)


    • Thai-Yoga Massage

      Stretching, joint mobilization, increase muscle flexibility and balance of energy flow in the body are the high lights of Thai Yoga Massage. (1 hour)


    • Traditional Hilot Therapy

      An ancient form of Filipino healing method which makes use of slow and deliberate strokes, detection of "lamig" using banana leaves and clearing the energy blockages which can cause illness. (1 hour)


    • Hand and Foot Power Reflexology

      Once a hand or foot is massaged, the whole body is entirely massaged as well because the reflex points of organs are found just in our hand and foot. Great for people who has tired feet and stressed hands. (1 hour)


    • Warm and Soothing Stone Massage

      Stones are heated and placed on different parts of the body to reduce muscle spasms and soften tight muscle tissues and combined with relaxing massage strokes, these will melt those pains away. (1 hour)


    • Scalp and Facial Massage

      Ear candle marvelous curative effect was proven when the Indians used this therapy in?cleaning their ears, cleansing the soul, balancing airstreams in the head and regulating metabolism in the body. (45 mins)


    • Refreshing Body Scrub

      Body scrub aims to exfoliate dead skin cells from the body, clears the skin layer from dirt and gives a smooth and silky feeling. (1 hour)


    • Shower


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