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  • Services

    • AP Balance (Atlas and Pelvis)

      AP BALANCE is an original technique wherein we align the first cervical bone. THE ATLAS and the main base of the body, THE PELVIS. It is a mixture of different principles such as Chiro, Osteopathy, Thai Massage, etc. and is an original of KARADA. AP Balance includes bone alignment and muscle treatment.


      Energizer (20 min) 895.00

      Therapeutic (45 min) 1245.00

      The Bliss (60 min) 1595.00

    • Body Treatment

      It is a dry treatment (no usage of oil) of loosening up stiff muscles in the body. It is similar to Shiatsu but more effective since we use bodyweight to give pressure instead of mere force. Also, stretching techniques are incorporated


      Energizer (20 min) 845.00

      Therapeutic (45 min) 1145.00

      The Bliss (60 min) 1345.00

    • Foot Treatment

      This is best for people who wish to detoxify their bodies. Some people experience swelling (manas) especially in their lower extremities because of the accumulation of the waste products in the area. Taking this treatment flushes out waste products and also relieves exhaustion on the leg/foot area


      Therapeutic (45 min) 995.00

      The Bliss (60 min) 1145.00

    • Combination: AP Balance & Body Treatment

      A combination of our signature treatment—Atlas-Pelvis Balance (spine alignment) combined with a deep-tissue massage that comes in an hour or 90 minutes duration


      Therapeutic (60 min) 1795.00

      Bliss (90 min) 1995.00

    • Combination: AP Balance & Foot Treatment

      A combination of our signature treatment— Atlas-Pelvis Balance (spine alignment) with foot reflexology. Best recommended for people with mild spinal conditions and foot concerns with a 90 minutes duration


      Bliss (90min) 1745.00

    • Combination: BT & FT

      A treatment combination of a deep-tissue massage with a foot reflexology recommended for those clients with muscle stiffness, foot and even internal organ concerns with a 90 minutes duration


      Bliss (90min) 1645.00


      A combination of all treatments including our signature Atlas-Pelvis Balance, a deep-tissue massage and the foot reflexology. With its 2 hours treatment duration, this definitely gives you a blissful after-feel!


      Bliss (120 min) (Local 2395.00/Japanese 4795.00)

    • Karada Stretch

      A unique power-stretch method that aims to improve bodily functions not just within joints but to the nerve level


      30 min 995.00

      45 min 1195.00

      60 min 1495.00

    • AP-Shape Treatment

      Shape-Up to a NEW YOU via Body Shape plus Posture Design, equals a healthy body and mind.


      60 min 3195.00