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JapaneseGreenhills, San Juan


M-Su: 10:30AM-2:45PM, 5:30PM-10:30PM
Greenhills, O Square Greenhills, Greenhills, San Juan
Japanese, Ramen
Kimpura has been consistently serving delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine in the counRead more...


  • Manager's Choice

    • Manager's Choice

      Salmon sashimi, Ebiko California roll, Una Gyuko Maki, Crab salad, Ebi tempura, Scallops teppanyaki, Black Angus ribeye with beansprouts, Mixed fried rice, Vegetable soup, Dessert: Jelly Buco delight


      For 10 persons 16500.00

      For 6 persons 9200.00

  • Set Menu

    • Set 1

      Kani kyuri salad, Salmon sashimi/ Dynamite roll, Tempura shrimps, Blue Marlin belly teppanyaki, Chicken teppanyaki, Black Angus ribeye steak w/ beansprouts, Mixed fried rice, Clear soup, Dessert: Coffee Jelly


      For 10 persons 14250.00

      For 6 persons 8150.00

    • Set 2

      Horenso Peanut AE, Tuna sashimi/ Philadelphia roll, Tempura shrimps, Gindara teriyaki, Misono assortment, Beef usuyaki, Mixed fried rice, Veg. soup or miso soup, Dessert: Jelly Buko delight


      For 10 persons 12750.00

      For 6 persons 7750.00

    • Set 3

      Nasu agedashi, Tuna sashimi/ Ebiko California roll, Tempura shrimps, Wakadori kawayaki, Shake batayaki, Sukiyaki, Miso soup, Steamed rice, Dessert: Gelatine ala mode


      For 10 persons 9600.00

      For 6 persons 5800.00

    • Set 4

      Agedashi tofu, Tuna sashimi/ Ebiko California roll, Tofu steak, Chicken teppanyaki, Prawns teppanyaki, Sukiyaki steak w/ beansprouts, Mixed fried rice, Miso soup, Dessert: Green Tea ice cream


      For 10 persons 9000.00

      For 6 persons 5500.00

    • Set 5

      Cucumber/ Seaweed salad, Ebiko California roll, Chicken teriyaki, Tempura moriawase, Blue Marlin teppanyaki, Sukiyaki steak with beansprouts, Miso soup, Mixed fried rice, Dessert: Fruit plate


      For 10 persons 8900.00

      For 6 persons 5200.00

    • Set 6

      Nasu Abura itame, Tuna sashimi/ California Maki kani, Tempura moriawase, Tonkatsu, Chicken teriyaki, Yakiniku, Steamed rice, Miso soup, Dessert: Buko sherbet


      For 10 persons 7900.00

      For 6 persons 4750.00